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  1. I have also tried the web address with the same results. And I fogot about the HTTPS on randomroll.
  2. I also cannot get DNS spoof to work properly. I am on the latest firmware. my spoof seetings are: also checked for the ^M's in those files mentioned previously, none there. I modified the DHCP file to exclude the last 2 lines, but it did not change the situation. The weird thing is, I can see the next hop on the target machine to be in tracert, but the browser usually takes a little longer to load, then goes straight to the requested page (IE yahoo.com). I did not specify a DNS server on the target machine at all, so it should all be coming from the pinea
  3. Same problem here, I have not been successful with ettercap on the pineapple. I either get the same message or I instantly get the "not running" message.
  4. ok so here is my host file: facebook.com google.com here is the landing page: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=http://www.m0ar.org/5949"> </head> <body> </body> </html> It seemed like it took a while for those changes to take "effect" and it worked a couple of times then allowed me to go to facebook and google no problem. i have also tried the landing page to redirect to redirect.php with code: <?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; if (strpos($ref, "facebook")) { header('Location: ht
  5. Just tried it and that did not work. It will allow me to go to any website I like.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I think I actually tried this when I first got the pineapple and it did not seem to work, but I will give it another shot when I get home.
  7. Ok so I am a complete n00b to coding anything (HTML I can do). I should also say that nyan cat / rick roll are working with no issues, but how do you direct to a website rather than a local file/mp3? I thought it would be simple as editing the DNS spoof list and landing page but that has not worked for me. I have also messed around with the redirect.php file and was successful in getting facebook redirected to a webpage, but I lack the PHP experience to make this for any website (no wildcards in PHP?).
  8. So I manually installed NMAP to my USB drive and also downloaded the module but when it scans it is not picking up any hosts. I for sure have devices connected to the pineapple but regardless of what scan I run it picks up nothing. What am I missing?
  9. Thanks I will give that a shot today. Sad pandas, still no go. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /www/pineapple/displaysnarflogs.php on line 15 Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'm a PHP n00b so I appreciate the help.
  10. anyone know why I'm getting unexpected T variable error on line 15? <html> <head> <title>snarf logs</title> <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="30> </head> <body bgcolor="black" text="white" alink="green" vlink="green" link=" <?php require('includes/navbar.php'); ?> <br> <br> <?php $cmd = "/pineapple/geturlsnarf.sh"; exec("$cmd 2>&1', $output); foreach($output as $outputline) { echo ("$outputline\n"); echo ("<br><br>"); } ?> </body&
  11. Excellent, I was wondering about this myself. Thanks Dosk3n for the direction!
  12. Retried the guide and was able to get persistence working correctly. Thanks for the posts everyone.
  13. Sorry I reread my post and realized I wasn't too clear. I am not trying to use backtrack on the pineapple itself, just my laptop. I left out the fact that I can no longer do ICS on my laptop due to restrictions. So, I want to use backtrack because it has a pretty robust suite of networking tools.
  14. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I've decided this is the OS I want to use on a flash drive with the pineapple... also this OS has a lot of useful features I can use at work for troubleshooting. Ok, so I'm trying to get Backtrack 5 to be persistent on a 32gb flash drive. I have tried several programs like unetbootin and lili USB creator. They install backtrack just fine, but when it comes to actual persistence, that doesn't seem to happen. I've re-sized partitions once I set lili USB to have 4gb persistence (used gparted to make a new primary partition called casper-rw per this site). Ca
  15. hmm.. just got my cable, didnt realize that I ordered a 6-pin, but there doesnt seem to be a 4 pin one on their site. Any way I can still make this work? pinout is: Header Pin Number Name Type Colour Description 1 GND GND Black Device ground supply pin. 2 CTS# Input Brown Clear to Send Control input / Handshake signal. 3 VCC Output Red +5V output, (the instructions are for the 5v and 3.3v so im guessing this would be 3.3v for my cable) 4 TXD Output Orange Transmit Asynchronous Data output. 5 RXD Input Yellow Receive Asynchronous Data input. 6 RTS# Output Green Request To Send Control
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