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  1. Oh, no! I guess I'm asking too much LOL. But thank you for the link.
  2. So it's expected...Good to know :-) Thx, WM!
  3. I found that once I setup a refresh interval in sslstrip or urlsnarf modules, click Off (to enable them, Off becomes On) then navigate away, the setting is no longer kept. Is it expected behaviour?
  4. Guys, Can you anyone give me insight on what's the "best" battery option for MARKIV with 3g donglge and microsd card inserted? After having read the thread I still didn't come up to the conclusion... By "best" I mean about 8 hours of non-stop karma-ing :-) with 3g dongle inserted. Or maybe I'm asking too much :-)? Thx in advance!
  5. It does work!!!! WM, you're the man! Thanks a lot!
  6. I'm at work. Will report back once I'm home! Thank you WM!
  7. Hi Whistle Master! Thank you for your recommendation. However I still have an issue. My setup: MarkIV, ver 2.2.0 MicroSD was formated as per Darren post. The MicroSD card is inserted into HUAWEI E160 3G dongle. Before changing the fstab file, when I boot MARK with 3G dongle inserted, I wasn't able to ssh into it upon finishig the boot. Always had to remove the dongle, reboot MARK, insert the dongle, issue mkswap /dev/sda. Only then the swap and /usb were mounted. Note: I was issuing mkswap /dev/sda not /dev/sda2 as others did. When I was trying to use /dev/sda2 I was getting Unknown devic
  8. Peterfm, Can you provide me with the link to two male usb to barrel adapter, please? I'm having hard times to find one. Thx, Nik
  9. Hold on guys, does it mean I need to be on the original power adapter when I have the dongle inserted? I had Mark powered over a USB cable from my laptop. Never thought trying it with the original adapter...Thank you for the direction.
  10. Hi Thetra, Are you able to use micrSD card in E353? I'm experiencing problems with my E160. Thank you, Nik
  11. Hi peterfm, No, it didn't help unfortunately. But thank your for pointing out. Cheers, Nik
  12. Hi ptrac3, You're not the only one :-) Check this thread: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=26444. Looks like re-flashing over serial with USB inserted sort out the issue. Bu I don't a serial cable. So can't confirm.
  13. Tried re-flashing with 3G dongle and microSD card inserted but over LAN cable. Didn't succeed, meaning still having issue with LAN port "disabled" when SD card is inserted into the 3G dongle. On another side: I read in the forum you guys either do "mkswap /dev/sda2 or 3 to enbale swap. I have to do "mkswap /dev/sda" to enable my swap. Although "sda" has two partitions: sda1 mounted at /usb and /sd2a mounted at swap. Only when I issue "mkswap /dev/sda" my /dev/sda2 becomes swap and /dev/sda1 is mounted as /usb. Do you think it's related?
  14. Another thing I noticed in 2.0.0 is having 3G dongle with microSD in it plugged into MK4, my /dev/sda (microSD) dissappears after about 10 minutes while plugged. I can't install any packages through opkg. It says /dev/sda is read-only or something.
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