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  1. Interesting idea. Here are some pointers to know more about it, besides Minimodem Softwares for RX/TX: FLDigi - http://www.w1hkj.com/ MMTTY - https://hamsoft.ca/ (2016 - Radio Discussion on FLDigi vs MTTTY - https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/fldigi-vs-mmtty ) 2017: Presentation on using RPI with Amazon Echo - https://events17.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/Echo_Compatible_Linux_Device_Anderson.pdf Look at http://kitt.ai/ as mentioned in the presentation if you're into smart homes and privacy. Blogs E
  2. Hey all, The USB HUB is not powered. Furthermore, I believe its an issue with the hub, because now I have the exact same problem as before, though its now not even working with the hub. Here is the log: 11:18:12 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 528.440000] usb 1-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 15 using ath79-ehci 11:18:12 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 528.250000] usb 1-1.1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 11:17:56 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 513.060000] usb 1-1.1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 11:17:41 Pineapple kern.warn kernel: [ 497.770000] lost page write due to I/O
  3. Hello Hak5 members, I have got the following issue. I want to have an usb storage (the cruzer fit, 4gb) and an external wifi card (036h) via a usb hub. This is not possible at the moment. When I connect the usb mass storage through the hub all is well. Though if I connect the wifi card on the same hub as well, it 'kicks' out the usb mass storage. Firmware version = 2.5.0 USB = Cruzer Fit 4 GB Wifi Card = Alfa 036H Also, all is correclty configured with the swap & storage in fstab. Any Idea's on how to tackle this issue? Thanks in advance, Vlek007.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. Though I have successfully flashed it, so its allright ;) [maybe possible to remove this topic... ?]
  5. Hello Hak5 Members, Recently I tried to change the mac adress at boot, which worked via macchanger in rc.local, though it blocked me out. I tried the reset button, without any success (the wlan led & power led is working, though when I put in ethernet cable it gives me an ip adress of However when I ping/nmap scan it shows nothing/all filtered). I can still see that the mac adress is changed at every boot, so the reset button wasn't working... :? Next step I was trying to flash the device, though it didn't work for me (with usb uart, nothing shows up on the s
  6. Hey, Just something I have experienced; It worked, though now I am locked out. What I did was paste the macchanger script into rc.local, before exit0 (with the comments out of it...). The mac has indeed changed, by looking at airodump. The thing is I was unable to get an IP of it, so I thought of the reset button. Now the wifi pineapple's SSID is pineapple xx:xx (last 4 of the mac adress), though the mac adress still is not the original. Using firmware 2.5.0. Thanks in advance, Vlek007.
  7. Yup, I am connecting to . Also I just tried it on another PC, other MAC. Still didn't work... [EDIT]: Got into it by SSH, edited the file /etc/rc.local. Removed the lines of SSLstrip & URLsnarf. Now I am able to get into the web panel. Just wanting to share it with other people who experience this problem. Thanks for everything though, MR-Protocol.
  8. Hello Hak5 members, Hereby I request your help, I am blocked out of the web panel though I can ssh into the pineapple. Pineapple Version 2.3.1, on MKIV. I got Karma on autostart, SSLSTRIP and URLSNARF on autostart.I looked on ps aux, and nothing of the sslstrip & urlsnarf pid. Also I blacklisted my MAC adress (maybe that is the reason ... :S). Thanks for the help in advance, Vlek007.
  9. Hey, great work! However, I have run into a problem upgrading; the pineapple isn't responding anymore, no ping, nothing :(. Any help>? Edit: Successfully bricked my device! -.- Reset button doesn't work, now onto serial cable shopping.
  10. Hey, I got this problem too. Only at mine its different; it doesn't work on Ipad/iphone/ipodtouch. The rest works.
  11. Got an offtopic question (sorry though, tried so hard to figure it out on my own!) My question is the following; By using macchanger -r wlan0/mon.wlan0 I can change the MAC adress. (First needing to put the interfaces down, ifconfig wlan0/mon.wlan0 down). However this doesn't work with KARMA on. Any idea's>? And can I use a startup script that will change the MAC adress randomly on each startup>?
  12. Thanks WM! Though I get this error: Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND in /www/pineapple/modules_advanced.php on line 120 Warning: file_get_contents(http://wifipineapple.com/downloads.php?moduleList) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Address family not supported by protocol in /www/pineapple/modules_advanced.php on line 120 Think the download link is down/wrong>?
  13. Hi RebelCork, I had an old install of beef PHP in an old backup. Here is the download link: Beef PHP. This version is 0.4.0 (I believe). Use for educational purposes please. Have fun.
  14. This could also work (I think); Deal Extreme 2W Amplifier
  15. Hi thestudent, I already wondered about that too. I think you will need to edit the error.php page, at the last part where there is javascript saying go back 1 page. That needs to be than the real page. Client --> Pineapple --> DNS on pineapple --> Redirect to real page after credential grabbing. I don't know about putting the grabbed credentials into the real page and log the clients in automatically. Ps: The module Keylogger is being worked on ATM by WhistleMaster. Maybe want to check that out, with the ettercap magic. Edit: The Javascript code to go to the real page will onl
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