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  1. I just started watching HAK 5 recently and I love it. Now for my question. Here's my situation. My boss purchased 8 Acer Iconia Tab W500P tablets with Windows 7 installed on them. Not sure why he got these but they have decent amount of power and speed. I started off by wiping the tablets, and installing the volume licensed Windows 7 Enterprise images I typicallly use for laptops in the company. After fully configuring them I started bitlocker and realized they didn't have the TPM microchip installed on them. My boss told me they need to be encrypted find a way. Now with bitlocker I could edit the local policy and use a USB flash drive as the TPM device. The problem with that is The tablet has only two USB slots on the bottom where it connects the the keyboard attachment, and there's not much clearance. I looked into mico USB flash drives that stick out less than an inch, but those are still to big. So I started looking into third-party software that won't require an external device to be attached. I tried the trial for Symantec PGP whole disk encryption. The problem I ran into with Symantec was the pre-boot enviroment asks for credentials and the virtual keyboard is only supported with 2 Dell tablets currently. I want the tablet users to be able to start their tablets without having to connect a physical keyboard every time they turn it on. I'm going to test Sophos SafeGuard Easy next they told me they use the pre-boot enviroment feature as well, and the virual keyboard feature is generic to all computer devices. If that works it comes down to pricing. 1.) If you work at a company using tablets how do you secure them? 2.) Any other suggestions for third party software to encrypt tablets?
  2. I never booted a WOLVOL netbooks so I'm kind of interested on what it has for BIOS options. It should be able to run BT5R1 live via a bootable usb device. The 256mb RAM is my only concern about running it live. If you plan to install it you will need a netbook with at least an 8GB storage device. Backtrack 5 takes over 6GB of space when installed. I installed it on an ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf (upgaded to 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD). That specific netbook should easily be able to run older versions of Backtack.
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