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  1. Is anyone one making a reaver gui module not that reaver works?
  2. Reached 100% this morning too. Still seeding it. Thanks a lot Gater_Byte!!
  3. Checkout this awesome kickstarter project made by JP, the guy who made katana. It looks like it does everything the rubber ducky does + more. http://theglitch.sourceforge.net/
  4. Now that reaver is working will it be implemented in the gui in upcoming firmware or is someone going to make a module for it?
  5. No it isn't on the defcon dvd
  6. Does anybody have the beta of katana v3.0? it was only available at defcon. He will not be putting the download up on his site :( I was wondering if anyone has it and would like to share it?
  7. alright well say i wanted to redirect traffic to the config would be this * but would i also have to change the landing page config like you do for nyan cat or would i just keep it stock?
  8. Thanks Seb! So to redirect all traffic from the pineapple to my special website with an ip address of Would this be the right config: *
  9. I was wondering if it is posssible to dns spoof a victim to a ip address like you do in ettercap on the pineapple. Example: yahoo.com A If it is possible could someone explain how to do this? Thanks in advance
  10. Pwnie Express just released raspberry pwn. Check out their website it looks cool im gonna give it a try.
  11. Could you tell me the dimensions of the anker astro3? I'm wondering if it will fit in my pelican 1050 case. Thanks
  12. There has been a lot of topics on this subject already. Just search Battery Pack in this forum and you'll find what your looking for. I'm currently using the trent IMP500 on my setup. It works just fine.
  13. Awesome work Seb! I love how the new UI looks and feels. Keep up the great work.
  14. You can connect directly to your Internet using one of your cat6 outlets. You just have to use the wan port on the pineapple instead of the LAN/Poe port. Take a look at this link it shows you how to do it. https://github.com/sebkinne/wifipineapple/wiki/WAN-Port
  15. I am still having the same problems as before. I keep getting the same error when i try to install modules. Warning: file_get_contents(/tmp/modules/mk4-module-nmap-1.2/module.conf) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/pineapple/modules.php on line 10 Already installed
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