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  1. SaaK

    Alfa Rtl8187

    NO mr.combatwombat27, im using this wireless card in our collge. and we dont have any privilages to access the router.
  2. SaaK

    Alfa Rtl8187

    This is the wireless Card im using in my college.
  3. SaaK

    Alfa Rtl8187

    Hi Hak5. I've a alfa RTL8187 external modem to use wifi. I've good range of signal while im using this in my college among with my friends. what i want to ask is, How can i increase the priority of my modem to get maximum speed than others on wifi? Pls help to Know.
  4. I have a problem on connecting the wcid wi fi manager in Back Track 5 . Whenever i tries to connect to it , it shows an error message as" Could not connect to the Wcid's D bus interface". Pls help making this forum to rectify this problem. Im using BT5 in Vmware and uses RTL8187(Alfa) for Wi fi Device.
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