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  1. Alright because I wanted to add a way to boot into Ubuntu on my multipass, because I am not sure how to do that.
  2. Alright so this is probably the better place to ask for information retaining the subject at hand. I have a system that has a dual boot Win XP x64 and Ubuntu 11.10 but I mainly boot from a usb running grub4dos. My question is how would I go of adding the new entries of booting ubuntu's 2 entries of normal but also the recovery console. Then when that's setup how would I remove the grub dual boot from my system harddrive or could I still use grub4dos to boot Ubuntu or XP and have the grub on my hardrive as a fallback option.
  3. Like to say hello to everyone of the hak5 forums. Long time technolust and thought it was time to signup.
  4. I have a multipass built into my system that boots from one of two usb's I am wondering can I take the grub gnu that dual boots my windows and ubuntu and remove it but add it to one of my multipass that run grub4dos. Does anyone have any information or have done this in the past?
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