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  1. There seems to be a glitch of some sort with wash/reaver on the pineapple IV wash doesn't detect WPS enabled AP's when running wash on its own wash -i mon0 it shows errors, with wash -i mon0 -C ( --ignore-fcs) shows nothing. running wifite.py (which needs python to run) it shows WPS enabled AP's. so running the commands that wifite uses. airodump-ng -a -w /usb/tmp/wifite mon0 (airodump writes a file to /usb/tmp ) then. wash -f /usb/tmp/wifite-01.cap -C (wash reads the file for wps enabled AP's) it then shows the AP that's wps enabled but under wps it says NO why does wifite show the AP as wps (which uses wash to detect it) but wash on its own does not ? I have included some pictures only kevnet is wps enabled wifite wash
  2. to keep modules installed to /usb before you upgrade the firmware copy the ModuleLits file from /pineapple/infusions, then put it back after the upgrade the modules will be there (provided the usb is mounted with Fstab)
  3. I dual boot with a Dell 1564 i3 4gb ram 500gb drive I dual boot win 7 and ubuntu it runs perfectly, in my opinion its the way you should go
  4. I just have the wifite.py script in /USB and I run it with python, (python wifite.py)
  5. I have problems with wash not detecting wps ap's wash -i mon0, however the wifite.py script runs ok on the pineapple and that detects that the ap is wps enabled, maybe someone with the know how could make a module with it.
  6. Have a look here, it might help. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27027-submit-your-3g-modem-configurations/
  7. Use the POE port on the pineapple to the LAN port on your pc and you should be good to go
  8. For me it happened with the reaver module also, generally now I remove a module when there's an update and reinstall
  9. Thanks peterfm YOUR RandomRoll Module rocks, I've had lots of fun with this module.
  10. On Ubuntu after you connect the pineapple to the lan card right click on your connections (top right) and click Disconnect on your wired connection then run the wp4.sh script.
  11. The AP may be too far away or is not wps enabled
  12. Great work Hackrylix V0.3 works perfectly Thanks
  13. I gave it a go again, I removed it and rebooted and clicked install, its now been 15 min's and its still downloading to /usb/tmp/modules, I am using ics with Ubuntu 12.04 so it must be down to using my Huawei modem as usb
  14. No sebkinne I do use the modem to supply internet but not in this case I was using ics with win 7
  15. I have updated to RandomRoll-2.6 but I had a hell of a time doing it, I am using firmware 2.7.0 and a Huawei Modem with a micro sd mounted as /usb. I clicked update in the list of available infusions, it removed random roll 2.5 and gave me the option to install 2.6 to usb. It took 22 minutes to download the tar.gz to /usb/tmp/modules and after 50 minutes it had only gotten as far as installing the first roll the afro roll. I stopped it and took out the tar.gz and extracted it to my desktop and copied them back one by one to /usb/modules/RandomRoll and then had to add it to /pineapple/modules/moduleList for it to show in installed infusions. Im not complaining its a great module im just reporting in case anyone else might have trouble installing it, it could be just that im using a huawei modem as /usb I havent tried with a flash drive.
  16. I upgraded to 2.7 and removed reaver/wash from USB and installed it to the pineapple itself, it runs fine now however I still have to bring wlan0 down and up again, it's a great module
  17. have you tried step 5 before step 4 as windows 7 assigns an ip to the lan card after you enable sharing
  18. It would be great to see this module working by it self but the module doesn't start reaver, I had to click attack target then run the same command via ssh (putty), reaver -i mon0 -b 00:1f:xx:xx:xx:xx -S -a -vv >> /usb/reaver-00:1f:xx:xx:xx:xx.log -D 7 I also changed the log path to usb as it gets very large
  19. same here I dont think reaver is actually running it creates a log file but doesnt fill it with anything
  20. you need to bring down wlan0 and bring it back up again, ifconfig wlan0 down, ifconfig wlan0 up it will then find all ap's in range
  21. No it's broadcasting a ssid, and Ubuntu can find it and detect its wps enabled.
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