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  1. Yeah a full encryption is something I didn't even look into yet but you bring up a very good point. Thanks for the suggestions and the positive feedback. There is always room for improvement :D
  2. I figured the hak5 community might like to read and checkout a project I proposed and developed for my final project in college. The goal was to build a cheap drop box for security audits using the Raspberry Pi and other components I felt necessary for the job. You can read about the project proposal here: http://crushbeercrushcode.org/2013/01/rogue-pi-a-low-cost-penetration-dropbox-proposal/ And here is the updated progress on the project which highlights some key milestones and provides a video demo: http://crushbeercrushcode.org/2013/03/developing-the-rogue-pi/ Cheers!
  3. I'm happy to say that my range is finally back to where it should be after getting a SECOND RP-SMA to U.FL cable. The first one I ordered was borked right out of the box. I just received a second one from a different manufacturer today and I'm pleased to say it is working. Woop woop
  4. I replaced the IPEX to RP-SMA cable and to my dismay the WiFi signal was still terrible. Is there anyway I could test the antenna to see if its working properly before I go and order one. I'm pretty disappointed in data-alliances hardware at the moment.
  5. Can anyone recommend a online site for ordering such parts located in the US/Canada. I ordered from some Chinese site for cheap but the delivery is going to be like 3 weeks unfortunately.
  6. It appears my problem lies in the RP-SMA Female. As soon as I connect the IPEX cable to the RP-SMA (with or without the antenna) the signal strength decreases substantially. Going to order one online and hopefully that will fix my problem.
  7. I've upgraded to 2.3.1 and still no difference. Mine is also transmitting at 18 dBi. Tonight I plan to take it apart and try reseating the antenna connectors.
  8. I am experiencing the exact same issue. I was getting great range until I upgraded to 2.1. Now I get 5-10ft. Did you ever resolve your issue. I'm going to upgrade to the latest firmware shortly to see if that fixes anything.
  9. After seeing this I had to make my own:
  10. It really depends on where you do your recon. I've used the pineapple MKIV on university campuses and public transit with great success. Sure Windows 7 is no longer auto connecting, but that doesn't mean phones aren't. (And with a typical SSID like "ATT Open WiFI" people almost always connect to it manually if they see it.
  11. Are the payloads able to access the stored files? If so this is a great news!
  12. This is awesome! I've just been running nmap from my netbook that the Pineapple is running through but this will eliminate that and make it easy to do some quick scans. Great job!
  13. I purchased this and am very happy I did. Being able to power it VIA usb is ideal. http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-USB2TYPEM-Barrel-Power-Cable/dp/B003MQO96U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1331971048&sr=8-2
  14. I've tested this at my University Library and I had no problem getting over 60 devices connected within a matter of minutes. I still have lots of fine tuning to do, but so far I'm very satisfied with how it works.
  15. Posted Edited. Never mind, issues was fixed.
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