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  1. If only my coding skills were good enough.
  2. @DangerAnt I agree, I think once they get the time and inclination the base OS will be much better. The real issue is the 3rd paryy modules no longer getting worked on. It sucks but I get it, life happens.
  3. Well, I don't feel like going through the many, many posts and comments relating to the issues related to 2.7. If you want to see what I am referring to, please do as I did and start with the 2.7 release thread and scroll through. Then, search 2.7 and see the remaining issues posted. I am not the first to have issues or complaints regarding this firmware update. I am not new to the Pineapple, it's use cases, or the modules. I have been utilizing the Pineapple since it's original incarnation when they first started implementing Jasager. I'm not mentioning this as a brag, only to demonstrate that my concerns are not those of a first time user. One of the issues I have had is Evil Portal freezing the system in 2.7. Newbi3 has already seen my post about that. My other issues are around the modules not really being maintained after 2.5.4. I understand that is a third party dev issue, but a lot of the draw to the Pineapple is some of the outstanding work done by these devs. I use my Pineapple for more than just PineAP and Recon. I have looked for solutions to the problems myself and many others have. There are none as development has not been consistent. I understand there are greater things going on in the world that is impacting dev, which is why I am not harping on the devs. I didn't ask for anyone to unhose 2.7, I asked if anyone knows of a firmware release that is stable will all options working at the same time. So I offer to you, re-read my post, notice the question as well as some of the examples I cited for my complaints, and investigate the other issues the community has for 2.7. If you have any actual insight, I welcome it. If you only have unhelpful commentary to the structure of my post/question, keep it to yourself.
  4. I have been banging my head against the wall over this for days now. 2.7 is hosed. 2.6.x has some issues, like Reporting Emails not working. 2.5.4 is where dev stopped for most of the modules, and supposedly has working Reporting email, but the sd card not mounting or randomly unmounting issue makes it unreliable as a drop box. Does anyone have any suggestions on a stable version that has everything working properly, or is this just a "pick your poison" situation?
  5. I am also dealing with this issue. I have had no luck on the 2.6.x versions and rolled back to 2.5.4 because another user said that fixed it for them. I have had no such luck. I know that 2.7 reports it has fixed this issue, but it is so broken in too many other respects for me to entertain it as an option. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or fixes?
  6. Actually rolled back to 2.5.4 since the report email issue was never fixed in 2.6.x.
  7. No. I have basically given up on PortalAuth. I haven't had a working version since 2.4.x and the benefits of being on the upgraded firmware outweigh the usefulness of PortalAuth right now. I am running 2.6.1 as it has been the most stable. It would be nice if the module development would resume, but it seems like that ship has sailed as everyone has moved upward and onward. I miss the good ol' days when Darren and company were running shit out of the basement and still had the passion for the projects. I also ant to state for the record that 2.7 is basically unusable for anything worth doing and should be pulled if nobody is going to work out the kinks. EDIT: Realized the PortalAuth references were not related. Too many hours staring and consoles. Yes, rolling back to a version before 2.7 has fixed all EvilPortal related issues. My apologies @newbi3
  8. I had everything running fine and then made the mistake of upgrading to 2.7. Now whenever I fire up evil portal, it runs fine, I capture creds, and everything seems to be in order except...I no longer able to access the pineapple via hardwire or wireless to the management interface. No access to the webgui or ssh. Once I pull power and the nano reboots, I can get back in and see the captured creds (which are only found in the PortalAuth Captured Creds and not in the EvilPortal logs?). I have done my due diligence searching the interwebs/forums and haven't seen anything regarding this. If there is already a post, thread, and/or solution please point me to it. Has anyone else had this issue and have a solution? For now I am going to downgrade to 2.6.2 to see if things go back to working as desired.
  9. A simple reboot makes them available. I am just trying to figure out the root issue so I can fix it if possible. In a test environment it is merely an inconvenience, but for a live audit I need to know that everything will be available on initialization.
  10. I install all of my modules to the SD card. Every time I power on the Nano, the modules do not load. Once I perform a reboot, the modules are present. I ensure I do a proper Shutdown command each before powering it down, and that has not seemed to make a difference. Is there anything that can be done to ensure SD card modules load on first boot?
  11. Ok. Basic question, I apologize. I have successfully gotten PA to clone sites and the inject sets are working properly. The issue I am now facing is that on submit, the user is being redirected to /captiveportal/index.php What is the recommended way to get a redirect to a real URL on the interwebs? Also, I am getting "You are not authorized." What could be causing that? @sud0nick @newbi3
  12. @sud0nick I am not sure what the final verdict ended up being but I am no longer experiencing the error I reported before. The only thing I did was to create a symlink for /root/portals to /sd/portals. Prior to the symlink I was getting the same error, created the symlink and tried again, no issues. Perhaps there was a storage issue on root that was contributing. Whatever the reason, I was able to successfully clone the page I provided for demo purposes. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my issue, you and the rest of the team are pretty awesome and I appreciate all of your work. Been following Hak5 since the basement days in Va. --------------------------------- EDIT: So, now that I have a successful clone (all the files seem to be present), I am only getting a blank page displayed. I hosed up my regular Nano landing page script (Config page), so it is now blank. Is there something required in that page for EP to work? I thought it was only for basic landing page stuff, which is why I didn't think too much about it when I cleared the script. I tried adding: <?php header("Location: /sd/portals/wifi/index.php", true, 301); exit(); ?> to test the theory and got the same results. EDIT: Seems to be limited to that site. Our fav coffee site seems to be doing just fine.
  13. Thanks Nick. Also, I have done a factory reset and fresh install of the modules so there is no chance of misconfiguration due to user error.
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