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  1. Could it possibly come back on? I'd really like to join and play =)
  2. Hi Kristof

    Thanks for your comment about my post.

    Have you had any luck getting reaver going

    on the mark 3? like I was saying I just can't

    get sqlite3 installed. If you have any pointers

    or better luck then I have please let me know.


  3. Hey ITStudentUS, Thanks a ton, I use the Mk3, and am in the same boat as you financially. Looks great!
  4. I have a Mk3, and had heard about the PirateBox in the past and just recently stumbled upon it again. I was wondering if there's any way to integrate the device i already own and connect it via ethernet to my laptop to a certain folder, and have it act as a web server hosting documents and following the Pirate Box methodology, Has anyone thought of doing this? Would there be a way? Just a thought, thanks for the input
  5. Why not just re-flash it? Is it a Mk4 or 3?
  6. I saw that it's possible to map a Microsoft Skydrive as a mapped drive for Windows 7, and was wondering if there is a toll out there for either OSX or Ubuntu that can also create a mapped drive from skydrive. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. peterfm: Thanks a ton! I had upped the size to 500x500, and was looking into how to center it. Thank you again, like I said, never really got into html, but I may now!
  8. Hey all, I saw the Nyan Cat page that was posted by CanadianTaco last night, and I happened to hear a kid singing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song today so I thought this would be a cool addition. Same procedure as the Nyan Cat/ Rickroll found here http://wifipineapple.com/doku.php?id=rickrolling Here's the link to the zip, it's nothing special, and a lot of the credit goes to CanadianTaco's post for the basic structure, I had never done anything with HTML before. Peanut Butter Jelly Time EDIT: Updated (Centered with Yellow Background)
  9. With AC power everything runs fine On USB power, the best I can get is a ping stating the host is down (so I guess nothing at all) Also, I cant get it to run with just Karma. I've tried both my macbook, running both Win7 and OSX, and my girlfriend's HP running Win7, with both not working. I'm seriously thinking it may be the cord..
  10. Hi hfam, I feel it's a power issue because the AP51 boots fine from AC power and all seems well. I'm going to try and re-flash it again tonight to see if it's a fluke
  11. iamk3: would you be able to either send me pics of how you made your cable or link me to a place where I could? Maybe this cable is bad. telot: Thank you for the sharing advice, as I had been booting my Win7 to share the connections, I never thought to look... I followed the steps you outlined but still no pings, with this as the result. PING ( 56 data bytes ping: sendto: Host is down ping: sendto: Host is down and a 100% packet loss.
  12. Pineapple Hardware Version: Mk3 on a AP51 Pineapple Software Version: 2.1.2 OS used to connect to the pineapple: OSX and Win7 Network layout of how your setup is connected: Ethernet to Pineapple, using both with DCHP on and setting IP static to All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: USB 5.5Barrel Plug Ping results from computer to pineapple: None, 100% Packet Loss Is the problem repeatable (Yes/No): Yes Steps taken which created the problem: Tried using a USB Adapter to Power the Pineapple Wondering if there is a possibility to run the Pineapple Mk3 from a USB 5.5OD 2.2ID barrel. I get a PWR signal from the ap51, and when a ethernet is connected the LAN/WAN light comes on. However, I can't connect to the device over ethernet or wireless (autostartup is enabled). Happening both from OSX and from Win7 Any suggestions?
  13. Okay, that actually explains a lot. And by them connecting automatically to an unsecured network it will show in the Association logs what they are "connected to"?
  14. I'll double check, but to my knowledge yes. I plan to re-flash it this afternoon
  15. Karma is on and enabled through the Web UI, is there anything on the back end I should be turning on? I know I'm in a target-rich environment while working and there are at least 4 different SSIDs broadcasting in addition to another not broadcasting.
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