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  1. netgear GS752TP woe

    I have been hired into a new company. one task I have been challenged with is to discover the password for a netgear GS752TP switch we have, but i cannot wipe the switch yet. this is because no one has documentation on this switch, and they don't have VLAN information on it (this switch will be removed from PROD once i can audit it). is there a way to 'discover' the password, or otherwise reset it like you can with Cisco switches?
  2. Introduce yourself

    My name is Matt AKA Yukondkne (Yuko-n-do-knee) (means 'the owner') Favorite game: Currently Guildwars2 and League of Legends Favorite OS: User side - Ubuntu, work side - RHEL or Backtrack, depending on what im doing Favorite console: Sega Genesis; XBox360 Nationality: American Accent: Michigander Sex: Male Race: Caucasian Height: 6ft 2in Build: more to love Status: Married 3 kids Favourite bands: currently loving Rise Against, in flames, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmou5, and Hollywood Undead/Deuce Favourite book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Favourite TV Show: Hak 5, Dr Who, Game of Thrones Occupation: Network Security Engineer for a third party support firm Certifications: Security+, Net+, A+, CCNA, RHCPA, Bachelors in Computer Systems and Security i started watching hak5 recently (past year) and have fallen in love. i bought a pineapple mkiv a alfa G antenna, and a duckie. i also have some pineapple juice. i am trying to catch up on episodes from previous seasons, but if i find the tech discussed irrelevant currently, i tend to skip the episode. i love your guys approach to IT security, very high level on the show to get people interested, and help plant the seed to learn, and if people are truly interested they will take it to the forums here, or do their own research. Daren you segment a month ago about WiFi protocols and hacking you did at that hacker space was inspiring, and i presented it to some colleges of mine. we are now using some thoughts and theories along with my pineapple to test some vulnerabilities in some networks.