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  1. I have been hired into a new company. one task I have been challenged with is to discover the password for a netgear GS752TP switch we have, but i cannot wipe the switch yet. this is because no one has documentation on this switch, and they don't have VLAN information on it (this switch will be removed from PROD once i can audit it). is there a way to 'discover' the password, or otherwise reset it like you can with Cisco switches?
  2. i have a mk4, iv had it a little while now; and i was playing with it today, i wanted to flash the new firmware and do some stuff at work using it, and after the flash of 2.7, i cannot connect to i can ssh into it, and it shows version 2.7, but i cannot connect via browser. i ried connecting via 2 different PC's with the same result, it tried to redirect me to and it just holds there. any tips/solutions would be greatly appreciated. i tried factory reset, but that didnt help. it is functioning as i can see the wifi access point on several machines, and i can connect to them, but even through wifi, i cannot get to the web interface. please help if you can.
  3. can i ask what your trying to do? i only ask because normal applications (games, movies etc..) wont run over a cluster configuration. if your trying to compile huge data (video rendering, 3d modeling, web service load distribution) then there is applications that are built for clusters that will function on your home cluster. i just don't want to see someone put all the work into building a cluster, and realize it will not so what they thought it would do.
  4. anyone see this: https://github.com/AlexWebr/evilmaid_chkdsk seems like it could have potential....
  5. uuuggghhh if good video games didn't require windows to play properly i would have never touched windows in the 90's, i feel your pain!
  6. until my work laptop became mine, i had a dell 5300 core2duo with 4gb ddr2 with bt5. it still runs great (also had an athros 1699bgn chip in it which i LOVED) i still use it because it works quite well. i just got lucky gaining the HP from work for no charge
  7. im always curious as to what tools people are using to get there work done, sometimes i can get inspired as to what would make my job a little easier. i was curious as to what rigs you guys are using to get your hacking done? and what made you choose that system? weather it be price, or power, or just what you had lying around? let me know! my current hack-top is a HP Elitebook 8540w with 16gb ram. it has the intel ultimate n 6300 wifi card inside (i have an external alfa because i have not tried packet injection with the intel). it has a i7 2770k 2.7gHz quad-core and a nVidia discrete graphics card. im dual booting backtrack5r3 and windows 7(games) on a 250g SSD. this was my work laptop, but now it has become my personal laptop.
  8. so a powered hub would solve the solution of that, but could possably back-feed into my fruity baby, thus making it a very pretty paper-weight? hmm..... is there a way to safely have a small hub (2 ports is all i REALLY need) so i can have a second wifi anttena (alfa) and my USB storage? any recomendations then? i have a computer store in town that carries almost anything if i look hard enough...
  9. the chipset on that is a Premiertek PT-H10DN-1W, never used this card; dont know what it its capable of....
  10. so when im using my pineapple with my alfa is that not using the same princaple? all i want is to use a USB for storage+my alfa for passthrough
  11. yours is a powered hub - im speaking of a unpowered hub, so i use less battery.
  12. if your wanting a purely hacker friendly phone - i have had massive success with any Nexus device (Nexus s4g if you looking for a cheap phone, or the Nexus 4g LTE if you want the latest) they are google flagship devices, like the nexus 7 tablet, and always have the latest andriod version (my other nexus s4g has jellybean) and they are totally open source so rooting/modding can be done with ease. other good candidates are: Samsung S3 - fast phone; ugly UI HTC oneX (att) - harder to root properly, but fast Droid Razr MAXX - AWESOME BATTERY!!! also a great rooted phone, once you get it there (boot loader likes to reset itself alot) Galexy Note - have not personally tested this phone; but it sits on basically same hardware as the S3, so i assume it will have the same results
  13. this is the hub i use http://www.microcenter.com/product/360458/4-Port_USB_20_Hub
  14. would the hub from the hakshop be a better solution for an un-powered hub? i have a simular 4-port version of this hub that OP has, and i dont want to cut the power wire because i also use this hub for my tablet, but if the one at the hak-shop will work without modification, i have a local shop that sells them, and i dont mind picking one up
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