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  1. Thx @barry99705! I#ve got the same settings. :( Ok, there must be another reason. Why can't i send out a ping via the pineapple?! I try to turn off the routers firewall and will see whats happens. Thx 4 help!
  2. Thx @barry99705 for the screenshot - looks like my settings. Can you shoot some screens of your LAN/WLAN and sharing Setup!? So i could be sure that everything is set correctly and the fault really look elsewhere.
  3. Ok, well, this is my configuration for my Wi-Fi, that is connecting to my Router/Internet: IP: Sub: Router/Gate: DNS: For the Pineapple i use this static configuration: IP: Sub: Router/Gate: blank DNS: In OS X, i share the Wi-Fi connection through LAN. This should be a notice for darkside40 . I find out, that the OS X firewall/little snitch stop some connection, so i turn them off. I can connect to the pineapple with Now i can open websites too. I try to connect my iPhone to wireless network. Now i can see some old AP i used in past. If i will connect to some of this displayed networks, my iPhone give me a connection error. On the Status-Page of the pineapple, i can see the MAC of my iPhone, but it doesn't connect. Also... i try to use the pineapple tools to send a ping to google.com. The result is a blank black page, with the pineapple logo on the right. Nothing more. If the connection is fine, i should do here a ping, or not? Also, i try to use a noter Mac and Laptop to connect to a known Wi-Fi AP, but this Clients connect to fast to the 'real' AP an don't use a connection over the pineapple.
  4. @Mr-Protocol... i can´t go online with my laptop and with to the pineapple connected clients. if i cut the connection to the pineapple, internet on wifi works fine. i try to shut down little snitch and the osx firewall, but it also won't work. the first time i use the pineapple, i recieved every time wrong ip´s. i don´t get 172.14.16.xxx, i get 192.168.2.xxx. so i flash the current firmware and everything seems to be ok. now i can connect to the pineapple - my next problem is, to get it run under mac os x 10.7.2. @darkside40 that would be a great help for me and i will be very pleased for this.
  5. Ok, i try your hint, but it didn't work for me. I can connect to the pineapple. I activate shared internet connection. I share the Wi-Fi Connection via LAN, but can't connect to the Internet.
  6. Hello, i've got some problems with my pineapple. I can connect to it, but i can't config it for my use. I use Mac OS X 10.7.2 and think, that wp3.sh should work, but it didn't run correct. With Backtrack5 VMWare Image, i can use wp3.sh, but don't know, how do config it right. Can someone give me a hand? I use the following network configuration under OS X. Wifi: IP: Sub: Router: DNS: If i want to use the pineapple Mark III with OS X 10.7.2 and this network settings, with information have i to use with wp3.sh? Is it possible to run the setup script on another pc, to use the pineapple with my MacBook? Why does the wp3.sh break after question 4 in the script? Is this an OS X problem?
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