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  1. I finally made more time to play with Remote Desktop, to try to figure this out. After several more hours of experimenting, I am concluding that the problem may not be Remote Desktop, but instead some other limitation of my system or its interaction with Pandora/Saver2. I have now successfully run Saver 2 from Remote Desktop -- which is great, since I can give "thumbs down" and "tired of this song" without having to run to the room where my server is located. However, sometimes a single track fails to save (even though it is a new one), for reasons I do not yet know. (I have reviewed all
  2. After exploring this forum, I was unsure whether I should post this as a reply to the existing Saver2 thread, or as a new topic under Timeshifting. Please forgive this newbie if I guessed wrong. I have used Saver2 successfully on my WindowsXP desktop machine for some time. I recently started controlling my desktop from a laptop via wi-fi, using Windows Remote Desktop. I ran into an unexpected problem with Saver2. I launch Saver2 and the Pandora client as always. Everything appears to function fine; the songs download, and I listen to them play through the speakers attached to my desktop
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