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  1. The locked PDF knows that PrimoPDF isn't a real printer, gives me an "Invalid Printer selected - printing to this devices is not allowed. Please select a different printer."
  2. I also thought I could RDP to my desktop that has the PDF and as long as the PDF is open, it's fine. But if I don't have it open, through RDP, it's smart enough to know that I'm RDP-ed and won't let me open it.
  3. Tried to do that with PrimoPDF but that doesn't work.... Any other ideas?
  4. Sure, I OWN the PDF because I bought the PDF from the creator but it's tied to a license file that you need installed on your computer to open it. So once I install the license file I can only open the pdf from that computer. Well, I'd like to open the file on my laptop or another computer but then I have to go get another license file from the creator which is a pain. It's basically DRM for PDF... Like if you bought an mp3 and could only play it on 1 device... sucks.
  5. i OWN a PDF file protected by locklizzard... it sucks that I can't open the file on any computer I want even though I paid for it. Any ideas on what I can do fix this?
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