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  1. will look under modules , on what page here in the forum or somewhere else...????
  2. will look under modules for a thread just for the Evil portal thanks....b0n3z
  3. I was wondering if anyone is getting success with the EvilPortal working on a TETRA. so far I have installed the module , but now what? any thread anyone may have would be great. sorry to be a pain.
  4. Thank you again, would you know of any good threads or "how to" or "step by step" or "tutorial" on setting up a landing page on what I believe is now called PineAp ( it used to be called Karma.) this is my main purpose of purchasing the Tetra lol since I never got my MK3 working. I don't want to get discouraged with the mighty TETRA
  5. Thank you Mr-Protocol very much for responding. I was running ver 6.2 of the script ( I got 6.2 from a copy paste on the forum since everytime I did the wget I kept getting some ole html ) then I found this finally found ver 6.4 I believe after doing a proper wget gave it to me , but I don't see the info .. But thank you after the "G" and nothing then doing a "C" I was praying for c=connection and it finally worked , know to learn about the landing page...
  6. When I connect the TETRA to a Fedora Linux laptop, the wireless connection does not work . ( if I disconnect the y-cable eth connection wireless does NOT work ) ( if I re-connect the y-cable eth connection wireless does work ) this is very strange has anyone encountered this behavior..
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