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  1. This message is for anyone to answer (if they can) but it is primarily focused to the Nano peeps... Could you give us MAC guys some love and assist us in getting the Nano setup on our MACS.. There are alot of ppl out there that use MACS with VM's on them.. I am one of them.. cant get the nano to the 'net through the VM or the OS X... We all paid some good money for this product, we would like to be able to use it on our laptops.. I spent 3K on a MAC so I wouldent have to buy a crappy windows lappy... Darren, if you could help us out with this, I would appreciate it....
  2. Dude, it's not all about you man.. Yes, you are correct, it is a tool for PenTesting professionals, but not all Pentesting Professionals are well versed in Linux/Unix tools... Networking experience alot of us have, Linux/Unix alot of us not so much!!! No one is "demanding" a user guide, we are just asking for some tutorials to help us along. Thats what this community/forums are SUPPOSE to be all about. and thats what the internet was founded on... Alot of us would dis-agree that it hurts the project, in fact, it would do just the opposite, it would make it stronger. Its greedy people that already have the knowledge and just want more that hurt the project.. If it was not for the people that want to learn how to use it buy purchasing it, you wouldent even have a project!!! We all have been reading the forums, there is some good information in there. There just needs to be some sort of tutorial available for the noobs (like me) on here. Alot of folks do not say anything because people like you will bash them and make them feel like shit.. so I do.. If you are such a "expert" why dont you "nut up" and help people out instead of being a keyboard gangsta and knockin folks down!!!
  3. BUMP.....AGAIN...... I have been talking to alot of folks on here, and we all need some help... A Tutorial Guide would be great!!!!! Been watching the Hak5 episodes, not much in the way of tutorials...Please help...
  4. Darren, I need some help.. My pineapple is jacked up too after I installed the 1.02 update... I ran the grep -v -e random /tmp/karma.log command like you said and this is what I got as output... PLEASE HELP.. i do not know much if any linux, so I need help for windows.... Now karma will not turn on.... Thanks Configuration file: /etc/hostapd/karma.conf Line 3: invalid line ' ' Line 5: invalid/unknown driver 'nl80211 ' Line 8: invalid line ' ' Line 11: invalid line ' ' Line 14: invalid line ' ' Line 21: Invalid group '0 ' Line 22: invalid line ' ' Line 25: invalid line ' ' Line 29: invalid line ' ' KARMA: Enabled 9 errors found in configuration file '/etc/hostapd/karma.conf'
  5. I totally agree!!!! some video tuts. would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
  6. Hello, What do you all use to carry your Mark ii or iii when you travel??? is there any sort of carrying case that works perfectly with this device.. Please share your thoughts!!!!
  7. Thank for the reply... I do have strong networking skills, but I just do not have experience with the Linux based tools.. I admit, I do tend to veer away from Linux at all costs, but I would like to " learn " how the software and tools work and I thought that this would be a good stepping stone to do that.. It just would be nice if there was some sort of user manual for all of the tools it has on it.. I mean, when we buy a new firewall or router, theres a operations manual that comes with it... just wondering if there could be one made up by darren or hack5 for this.. it sure would be useful to everyone, and I know I am not the only one here afraid to admit their short commings, I am just the only one to publically admit it!!!!!
  8. Hello, I would first like to say that I am a noob to jasager and the pineapple.. I just received it in the mail today and I am wondering if there is any sort of user guide or something available for someone new like me to learn how all this stuff works and how to learn how to use it?!?!?!?! Thanks!!!
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