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  1. That's pretty damned cool, nice info, thanks!! I'm sure as things progress, panel prices will come down, but even at the current prices, that approach opens a whole new set of possibilities. Imagine mounting out of sight on a rooftop, and being able to just show up once a week to quickly download the logs/data...for months and months on end without ever having to touch the rig. This sort of innovation could open up some really unique and clever long term deployments and approaches to gathering data.
  2. No worries Darren, HakShop is one of the few entities in the known universe that ALWAYS treats it's customers right. I'd MUCH rather have the gear minus the travel bag for a bit, but then again, HakShop always does it right! :) Thanks brother!
  3. Ahhh...thanks for the info fellas!! Guess that 1/2 bottle of Woodford Reserve in quick shots (wifi and pineapple) dulled my powers of observation. : ) :) :) Got into the celebration too deep!! Appreciate the clarification, thanks again! P.S. Just sent a follow up email to Hakshop indicating I failed to notice the later ship date for the Travel Kit and all is well. :)
  4. Did anyone else get their order shipped notice, and not have the Travel Kit included? I ordered moments after the password was lifted from the HakShop during the event. I ordered: 2 MKV's 1 Travel Kit Upgrade 1 Elite Kit Upgrade Cost me $379 w/shipping I got a notice today that my order shipped: 2 MKV's 1 Elite Kit Upgrade No Travel Kit. :( :( :( I've responded to the HakShop, but I'm left wondering if there was a supply problem, or if someone just didn't fill my entire order (to be shipped 2 day air). Darren? Anyone? Hoping it's just an oversight and that my travel kit goes out today.
  5. Bummer. Was thinking you were trying to access from a lappy providing Internet access for the fruit, in which case it would make all the difference. ;) Hopefully you get it sorted soon. Now that the SD card image has been posted for download, maybe a fresh flash will do the trick?
  6. can you ping and get a response? Maybe the Internet sharing isn't setup correctly? Just a thought.
  7. :) Well, I'm going off of what Darren indicated on the release live stream, where he and Seb (if I wasn't too wasted...doing shots of Woodford Reserve for "wifi" and "pineapple"...glad he switched to coconut!!) indicated that the battery in the elite bundle was easily 72 hours of straight running, all the while broadcasting and processing. I believe the battery in the bag version is like 24-36 hours, and the elite pelican one was crazy long...like over 72 hours...perfect for lengthy "drop and return" deployments. Extremely stoked to get my gear this week!!! Taking a long weekend to get intimate with my new pineapple gear! :) :) :)
  8. Fell into the same dilemma, ended up getting one of each. Liked the idea of a deployable, mostly environment proof box with crazy battery life, but didn't want to always have to haul that pelican around for a quick light task. Also love that the MKV graphic patch is attached with Velcro. <emt>Fuckin smart.</emt> It's evident how much thought went into this revision of our favorite fruit across the board. It's been great watching the pineapple evolve. I'm thinking of building a deck out back using nothing but my earlier pineapples. ;)
  9. IN!! 2 MKVs, 1 elite, and one travel!!! Hack all the things, and congrats to Darren, Snubsie, Seb, and everyone at hak5!! and... HOW COME I wasn't aware Snubsie has PIPES????! for REAL! :):) That was awesome girl!! upped shipping to 2-3 day boiiieee!! W0000!!!
  11. ROFL! I know the feeling brother! Fingers crossed on the pre-order!
  12. HA! I was just gonna post that. :) k-wr4d :)
  13. FYI: They didn't offer discounts, but they did give us first crack at purchasing the new MKIV. That said, it'd be AWESOME (Darren, looking in your direction sir!) if they allowed us to pre-order these new MKV's! DO WANT TWO EM KAY FIVES...NNNAAAAOOOO!! ;) I suuuuuure hope they have bunch in stock!
  14. Yeah, that's when I deleted the email. I've been on the mailing list since the released their first Reaver Pro hardware device,and I even bought one of their USB/Alfa kits because I'm all for supporting the community financially (HakShop knows! :)), but that price is absurd and just flat out gouging given the hardware is now, what, ~$30 retail? They lost my interest in one single email.
  15. Well...."a few" is subjective. I have an actual handful of dead SanDisk 4/8/16gb Cruzer Fit drives. Not worth the time or effort to send them back, I'd purchased them at various times around the MKIII release....they've all died the same R/O death. I would rework that comment to more accurately say that "SanDisk has no issues with a very few of their Cruzer Fit drives."...but that's just my cynical, I'm-out-about-$100-worth-of-dead-SanDisk-drives side coming out. :)
  16. Damn it, I'd consider driving down there for that one, but I'll be on a business trip!! DAMN IT!! :( Someone plz PM me the pertinent deets when it goes down!!! ARRRRG!! Why me?!?!?! Must...............have...............................newest..........................................Mark.....five.....
  17. No worries, I think your 11 y/o will enjoy this documentary. It's "light" enough that about anyone can enjoy it. It's well done, it's just not quite what I'd hoped for, but for the uninitiated, it is a well-done documentary and has lots of good general information.
  18. The Anker 3 (NOT the 3E) is what I believe fox was indicating. The 3E was a 10000mAh, but only had dual .5V outputs, no adjustable voltage. Anker appears to have rebranded their "3" as the "Anker Pro" now. Amazon has it, and it's all the same specs as the "3" used to be. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/10000mAh-Multi-Voltage-Portable-Camcoders-Recorders/dp/B005NGKR54 I can tell you first hand that these ARE the one you want. I've purchased 3 of 'em now, they work amazing with the MIV. The 9/12v cable that comes with the battery doesn't even need any of the attachment ends...connect one to the battery, one to the fruit, select 9v (or 12v), and you're up and running, complete with usb drive, hub, and external Alfa...for a very long time.
  19. A couple words of wisdom for OP and crepsidio from a regular guy: - This is a project, not a commercial venture, and it's a project that some people hold very dear. Nobody at Hak5 intended to defraud anyone or sell a bad product, or even make a profit (in the commercial sense) for that matter. Darren and crew have done a fine job of trying to provide hardware to the masses for this project, with the intent of helping to fund other awesome projects that have or are coming down the pike. Nobody's at the HakShop is sending their kid to college on what they're making over there. - We are fortunate enough to have some amazing talent in this community who devote their skills, time, and energy into sharing and collaborating on this project. You too can be a part of the community, which is really what this is all about anyhow. - This isn't a polished, finished product by any means. It's an evolving project, and I believe the Mark V has already begun to emerge in the "back room" where the core Einsteins collaborate on these things. So, I get that you may not have understood some of those items, but seriously, the snarky comments and negative energy about being "abandoned" and how the documentation isn't clear enough for you are just bad juju. Many of us have seen Darren himself get involved with many of the few snafu's (SanDisk drive, a failed mobo, etc) and takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously, waaaay beyond what I would expect anyone to do. Seriously, the guy posted his damned CELL number at one point. Incredible and a heart of gold. I'm sure if you are unhappy, Darren would move heaven and Earth to make sure you were a happy camper in the end. Maybe write him directly ? As far as "problems" go, and "complete" instructions, etc, again, this isn't an "on the shelf" Wal-mart product. It's a community project that we're all fortunate enough to be a part of and to benefit from. Instead of complaining, take some initiative and search the forums for an answer. if you can't find the answer, there are an enormous number of very smart, kind, and helpful people here who would be more than happy to assist. If you're really interested in getting things resolved, let's leave the negative somewhere else and just get on with it. Ask your specific question, and people around here are more than happy to help. This is Hak5. This is Sparta!!!!!!! :)
  20. I don't recall a single even PG cuss in the entire thing, I think you're good to go on that issue.
  21. ah, ya lucky bastards, I'm so jealous...in a good way. Maybe next year I'll be able to fly out and have some fun with ya all. Have fun and be safe all!! I'll be there in spirit. ;)
  22. Alright, well, I haven't viewed the extras, just the main movie. I have to say (and I'm about to reveal my age, to an extent here), that aside from some nostalgic bits of footage in the first 45 minutes or so, this was pretty run of the mill stuff and was incredibly far from a "hacker" documentary. At about the 50 minute mark it gets into "present day", and that's fine, not all of us ran BBSs and had hacked telnet accounts at the local university before "The Internet' was available outside that environment (but I can tell you from experience it was a very fun time, and this movie covers the spirit of that era pretty well and gives the viewer a good feeling for what it was really like back then.). But a "hacker documentary"? Not even close. Honestly, most of this stuff is common knowledge...REAL common knowledge. I didn't expect it to be a "how to", but as a documentary it's pretty "meh" at best. Maybe the "deleted scenes and extras" have some more interesting insights, The most interesting thing was running Metasploit on an iPhone, and that wasn't even really interesting considering most of us have at least heard of, if not own, a PwniePhone or similar product(s) For the n00b, or those who didn't live it "back then", it's good data and always good for people to learn how we got here. But for most of us here on Hak5, this stuff has been done to death in plenty of other documentaries, and anything relevant has been in the MSM already (as evidenced by much of the content being actual broadcast news clips with Tom Brokaw, Shepard Smith, etc). I'd give this a 5 out of 10, and it gets most of the 5 because of the nostalgic footage and history leading up to "present day". My recommendation is to wait for it to come out on Netflix, etc.
  23. HAHAH! That took all of 30 seconds to get stuck in my head for a lifetime! I'm strangely tempted to let this run the full 10 hours! ;)
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