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  1. Heya Seb, I LOVE the idea of using lynx on the MKV, honestly I'd completely forgotten about lynx!! Great idea, and if you would't mind, how do we go about getting lynx installed on our MKVs? Thanks! hfam
  2. Excellent use of classic reference, I love you, man! :)
  3. Go snap up one of these, mod a USB end to it, drill a small appropriate pattern of vent holes in the Pelican and attach the fan on the inside, being sure to tap another hole for the fan to draw outside air through/across the MKV. Power it off of the USB port direct or use a hub if the port is in use with another radio, etc. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Fan-Tiny-Fan-20-20-7mm-0-1A-DC-5V-Compatible-for-Raspberry-Pi-Arduino-board-/290962022190? I just ordered a few for my Pi's, and an extra for the Pelican case. :) Hope this helped! hfam
  4. Indeed it does! As long as it's not Quantico, VA, though... ;)
  5. I don't use Mac gear, however: - did you set the gateway on that IP stack to - is there either an A/V product or any sort of software firewall running which would prevent that interface from tossing outbound packets on the interface in question? The image you shared, along with the amber light, both indicate the physical eth0 is up, which is only going to happen if your Mac eth port is also up. Hope that helps you get to the bottom of it!
  6. No worries! I could go look it up, but I think it was the Astro E3 with 9/12v output. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't have it anymore and Anker I believe discod it and rebranded the last of that model to dump the last of em.Anker has the Gen2 version of these which are 20000mAh as opposed to 14000 which I think these are, but the gen2's are huge and not practical imho. I did, however, find what will be functionally a perfect replacement though, and its 15000mAh too! http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower%C2%AE-15000mAh-Portable-External-Battery/dp/B00DVB7F0S It's $59 and aside from some aesthetics, provides exactly what my 3 do. The barrel cable for the 9v/12v is perfect, and goes straight into the fruit and battery with no attachments needed. I use these batteries for all sorts of things, the selectable 9/12output plus 2 USB outs make it a winner. I'm able to use it to charge my Pax on the fly, but that's another story. :) Point is it comes with about any attachment you could want, is about the same size as the MKV. Pair it with a miniVHS case for like $7 on Amazon, and you have a compact nice deployment and storage case for a barebones MKV deploy http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002DUEBIC Amazon is out of the cases but another seller there has em for 3.99 and free shipping. Good luck brother!
  7. No worries brother, you got a bad battery. I've been using Ankers for years with my pineapples, all the way back to the MKIII. I currently have 3 of the variable output models (has a 9v and 12v barrel output and 2 5v usb outputs) and use them with my MKVs. I love my Anker batteries, own 5 of them, and they are all running as strong as when I purchased them, some years ago, so fear not, they pair great with our favorite fruit and a side of fava beans. :)
  8. Sure brother, good luck and enjoy the sweet new gear!!
  9. indeed, as Oli said. The screws always used to be under the little rubber feetz in previous MK versions. Remove rubber feetz, unscrew screws, remove SD, adjust slot so it's lined up, screw screws, replace rubber feetz, hack all the things. If not screws, just use a spudger and crack open the case that way, do your thing, pop it back together.
  10. Problem SOLVED! God i love you guys so damn much!!! Huge props to seb, and a hearty thanks to all who helped. So, the issue came down to two issues: - the updated realtek drivers as of v. 1.3.0 - My AP and the firmware So, the resolution initially was to just throw an Alfa on it and use Wlan2 for Client Mode, as for whatever reason, the realtek drivers were throwing an error when connecting to my AP (an older WAG 102) using Wlan1. The AP was otherwise working for any and all devices, and would work fine with MKV v.1.2.0 and prior. However, I went further. Initially when you look at the page to download an update firmware for my WAG 102, it shows the version I had installed. But, buried in "more" there were some other very minor updates. I grabbed the latest, and flashed my AP in desperation. And it WORKED!! Suddenly, Client Mode was working like a boss!! So, I guess the takeaway on this (aside from Seb being super helpful!!) is that, in the field, there may be some APs out there that you may not be able to use Client Mode on. Rare it would seem, but who knows as we move forward how many APs are out there that may not be compatible, so be sure to pack an external radio (I used the Alfa 036NHA) to use as Wlan2 if you're going to need to connect to an unknown AP in the field, just in case! Seb also shared with me that Wlan1 wasn't really intended for Client Mode, and more for deauth, etc, but it was included since it worked and got pretty popular (me included!). Based on the data today, i don't expect many instances of failure as mine was, but again, working in the field, it's always good to be prepared, and there are certainly plenty of APs in the field that don't have their firmware updated regularly, so it's a good lesson and reminder anyhow! Man, I love this community so much! Thanks again to Seb and Darren for making all this possible, and to Foxtrot et al for all their help and suggestions! Case closed!! Positive energy to you all! hfam
  11. Thanks Seb, give me 15 and I'll be right over! hfam
  12. Thanks fellas! Hi Darren, It is indeed the only AP I've tested with and it is secured with WPA2. Unfortunately I've been down with a back injury for a few months and will be down for a while longer so I haven't been to work where I have a number of other APs I could test with. However, this AP is always my first stop when testing any of the Pineapples, it's functioning fine, and I have all sorts of devices connecting to it just fine. I'm able to replicate this issue on two MKVs now...reflashed both of 'em to 1.2.0 and they both connect like they should. I left one of the SD cards loaded with the boatload of previous infusions, and I formatted the other, just to see if there would be any differences. Unfortunately that 1.4.1 upgrade blows up Client Mode on both of them regardless. I'd be happy to provide anything you ask for (within reason...the gold coins and swiss bank account aren't happening! :) ) that could help sort this out, but it appears that hardware-wise, 1.4.1 recognizes both radios, I can enable/disable both of them according to ifconfig, and ifconfig reports correctly whether they're up or not. Thanks again for any assistance, I think we've got a bug here based on the process of elimination, but again, anything within my power to help get to the bottom of it I'd be happy to provide.
  13. Anyone? Can someone confirm/deny my findings above using 1.4.1 and the stock MKV radios? I'm stuck. Flash the device back to 1.2.0 and Client Mode works fine, I can connect WLAN1 to my WiFi, red LED lights up, traffic is passed via BRLAN between WLAN0 and WLAN1. Update it to 1.4.1 and it will simply not connect WLAN1 to WiFi. Won't even light it up. I've confirmed this on both my MKVs now. It's not hardware, and to be sure it's nothing else I've formatted the SD cards with no infusions. Everything is "factory clean". Flashed back to 1.2.0 = Client Mode works perfect Update that to 1.4.1 = Client mode is broken and will not connect or even light up WLAN1 Can someone please lend a hand? I'm truly stuck.
  14. (updates at bottom of page, the summary is that 1.4.1 broke Client Mode for me using the native radios of the MKV, read on...) Alright, I need some assistance please.......losing....mind....rapidly... I have 2 MKV's, just updated them to 1.4.1 (from 1.3.0), and use them both in Client Mode often without connecting to a laptop (though I only updated to 1.3.0, didn't have a chance to actually use 1.3.0). It's always been a matter of simply connecting to Wlan0 with android/tablet/etc, opening admin page, enabling Wlan1 from the Network GUI, then going into the Network tile/Client Mode, and connecting it to the Internet-enabled WiFi of my choosing by selecting the AP and providing creds. When I'd do this, the Red LED would come on once connected in Client Mode, and things would work fine..Administratively connect to (or Karma hooks 'em) on Wlan0, connects them to the Internet on Wlan1 when needed. For the life of me i can't get client mode to work anymore and I'm out of gas. I have tried this both connected to the laptop via eth, and from an android with same luck. - I can enable/disable Wlan1 from the Network Tile - Network Info/ifconfig shows both interfaces are UP. When I disable Wlan1, it reflects that in ifconfig - There is NO Red LED. Never comes on or off. - When I select Wlan1 (only selection available) in Client Mode and scan for available APs, Wlan1 is always available, whether or not it's enabled, and it will always perform a scan and return available APs. - I get the connecting graphic, then get green text "connection initiated", but again, no Red LED, no connectivity, etc. - When it is making the connection in Client Mode, the Blue LED goes out for ~2 seconds, then returns. This is the point when the Red LED used to come on. - This is happening on both my 1.4.1 MKVs, same behavior on both of them after 1.4.1 Since the 1.4.1 update it now behaves as if Wlan0 and Wlan1 are the same radio, HOWEVER, in ifconfig, it shows that Wlan0 and Wlan1 have different MAC addrs, so that doesn't make sense either, can't be both ways. Please tell me, what the hell am I missing here? Thanks for any help gang, I'm !#%#%@ stumped! hfam *** Update 1: Performed an unbricking on one of my MKVs to bring it back to 1.2.0. Client Mode is working as it should be, exactly as I described it to work above. I also formatted the SD card, though prior to the "unbricking" I swapped the SD cards in each MKV and confirmed both are good. I formatted it anyhow to ensure it was a brand new clean install. There are currently no infusions installed, it's fresh and clean 1.2.0, Client Mode works perfect. About to update to 1.4.1, fingers crossed... *** Update 2: successful update to 1.4.1 aaaaand it's broken in exactly the same way. Either there is something additional that must be done, that wasn't required prior, for Client Mode to work with the built-in radios of the MKV, or 1.4.1 appears to have broken Client Mode with the built-in radio that normally is Wlan1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. Thanks gents, that was an inspiring discussion! Appreciate the conceptual breakdown, thanks Cooper! Off to check out the provided link
  16. You dropped your license, sir. I guess life was happier......back then. Also, if you DO find the bastard responsible for the Head On commercials, pl0x d0x kthx. ;)
  17. LULZ! You must be new here. I have no idea why you would post a badly drawn picture of yourself about to felch a beast of burden, but I won't judge, we take all kinds here. Welcome to the forums.
  18. Well, the MKV, just like about any other major product offered up for sale by Hak5, are projects...works-in-progress...a community effort. I don't know to what extent "technical support" is being provided by the "shop@hak5.org" address, but it is probably for generic assistance with technical issues, and primarily for issues related to purchase and shipping, not advanced technical issues. When you purchase one of these items, your support is going to generally come from the community (forums, IRC, wiki). Darren, Seb, Robin, etc, are all a part of this community and participate regularly, as well as the dozens of regulars who are module devs, active enthusiasts, etc, who are always willing to help out with knowledge and/or a quick answer, and all the others who may be able to provide answers, or at least work through the issue with you. What I'm saying is that, when you buy an MKV, etc, you're not buying an HP/Dell/GE/etc product, where there's a dedicated support line to call and get service, trouble tickets, etc. These are "community-based" products for lack of a better word, and your support is going to primarily come from the community. If you're having a problem, and there's an answer, it's best addressed out here so others who may have the same issue can also find the answer at a later time, or help solve it, and we wind up with a great online resource for all to use. While an email to hak5 *may* yield results, I believe you're going to get much better results out here in the forums if it's regarding a technical or function issue. Have you tried IRC? Many of the folks here also participate in a dedicated IRC channel. Check Seb's signature for the server and chans. Lastly, it may be a good idea to post a link to the thread where you've previously posted this issue you're having trouble with, maybe rekindle some interest and draw some attention to it. You did post the issue to the forums at some point....? :)
  19. No worries brother. All the deets are at the beginning of my first post. Still having the same issue. Removed, rebooted, reinstalled and get the same results. Also connected with a kindle and firefox with identical results. Happy to provide more data if you like. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  20. I about la-la-lo-lo laughed myself into oblivion. Why has none of you talented bastards turned this into a randomroll!!!?!?!? :) :)
  21. Fluke IntelliTone 200 toner and probe are what I use.
  22. First time using this infusion. Mark V 1.0.4 Client Mode Connected admin via android Red/Blue/Green on, Amber is off (no ETH connection) The "All Off" button doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens. All On turns on the Amber, so they are all then on. Other On/Off buttons for the Red/Blue/Amber all appear to work and I can turn each on and off Summary: "All Off" appears to be broken
  23. dee-licious!! Love me some fresh pineapple!! Looks solid from this end, thanks for all you do Seb et al
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