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  1. Oh man, thanks everyone for the assist, and thank you wcs SO much for posting this follow up, AND for posting the "linux n00bz" vi piece in there!!! Just got my pineapple today, ran the 1.0.2 update before doing anything, and sure enough karma wouldn't start. God I love you guys, this is going to be a helluva lot of fun! Thanks again to all!!
  2. hfam. No fucking way I'm telling you all a bunch of personal data (except Snubsie...I would tell her anything she wanted to know!! ;) ) Favorite game: Fallout 3/Las Vegas - Gears of War Favorite OS: Winbloze - learning Linux, hoping the experts here can help me along the way Favorite console: Xbox360 for games, PS3 for streaming and blu-ray Nationality: American Sex: Fairly often, sometimes even with other people Age: Old. Too...fucking...old... Race: Not with this screwed up back of mine... Height: 3' 36" Favorite band: The Black Crowes, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God Favorite book: 1984 Favorite author: Mark Steyn Favorite movie: The Usual Suspects Favorite TV Show: South Park Favorite Comedian: Bill Hicks Other hobbies: Musician, mischief, avoiding speeding tickets, horticulture Occupation: Network Engineer, Musician
  3. I just came in to post what I'd found! Cosmic! :) I don't know exactly what Darren used, but I looked closely at the image at the shop and think I got the same tripod. I chose an adjustable scope because the adjustable was only a few bucks more than the single magnification. I bought them both on Amazon: Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Digital Camera Tripod - $27.?? Barska Rimfire Riflescope - The adjustable one (3-7x20) - $14.?? Maybe Darren will weigh in and tell us what he used? ;) Either way, my Yagi shipped yesterday, and so did my Amazon stuff, so I'll stop back in and share how it all worked out (or didn't, but I think it will be perfect).
  4. Its just more of the same...a government actively subverting the Constitution and removing the rights of citzens through regulationand legislation. The government fucks up everything it touches, the Internet will be no different. They have no business deciding content. Period.
  5. Exactly what I'm looking for as well, looking forward to some of the suggestions. The timelinex looks pretty like a good balance between price/power/features, but because I'm a relative n00b on the Linux side and I'm also planning to setup dual boot with W7/Linux I'm looking for something that that is well-supported on Linux so that I don't have to do battle with getting hardware up and running.
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