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  1. Failing that... Use a linux distro (eg kali, or command-line interface of the pineapple) plug in the sdcard (use a usb sdcard adapter if necessary) run 'dmesg', it should indicate that you drive is available by /dev/sd* (where * is b,c,d depending on the number of drives) Warning: selecting the wrong drive e.g. /dev/sda = main hard drive , could damage your system! partition the card with 'fdisk /dev/sd[letter that represents usb] 'n' - new parition 'p' - primary 'enter' - accept beginning of sector/partition 'enter' - accept ending of sector/partition 'w' - write changes then mkfs.ext4 /dev/sd[letter represents usb]1 (eg mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1) you should then be good to go...
  2. I changed the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file from: server { # php/fastcgi listen 8080; to server { # php/fastcgi listen 80; Now it works fine. However, beware this may interfere with any other httpd daemons like the captive portal.
  3. True Open Source, I hide nothing, here is the source you may be interested in: https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Advanced_Section and Ducky_HID_HardCode.zip or Composite_Duck_v2alpha.zip
  4. Atmel firmware API currently limits you to 1x active partition. If you find a way, I'm sure we would all like to know...
  5. Check out the links in my signature, and search the forum for hints.
  6. what language & region/country is your keyboard?
  7. you probably want to write a script that will enumerate whether the system is 32 bit / 64bit, then depending on the outcome either download an appropriate binary or call an appropriate binary from the sdcard.
  8. Then code in C++, the source is available, and if you hard-build your payload into the duck firmware, you can do a lot more ;)
  9. adapter should be straight through? so i would rule out the adapter, if you don't unmount the card correctly it can use errors. Use the disk-utility app(gui) to reformat the card as FAT32 or MSDOS, and unmount the card unmount/diskutil (or even finder). Hopefully your card should spring back to life. All else fails try another micro-sdcard their pretty cheap these days. ~snake
  10. Welcome fellow bird-hacker. Its to do with driver installation; times vary across OS and speed of the processor. Just play with ducky script - it helps to have a slightly long initial delay (take into account drivers installing on Win-blows OS),(or use the vid-pid hack to mimic an existing (already installed) keyboard), then have standard regular delays throughout the payload. All the best in your future endeavors ~Snake PS. check out the links in my signature
  11. You need to install the Java JRE and add the installed application directory into your path
  12. sounds like a timing issue, alter the delays to be slightly longer
  13. yep - thats the button. Not sure whats going on with your Ducky?
  14. have you put the ducky in DFU mode, my constantly pushing the little black button while inserting it into the computer?
  15. Sometimes the GUI key can be flaky, theres another post concerning it in the forum, you'd have to search for it. Strange, "CTRL-ALT DEL" and "CTRL-SHIFT ESCAPE" should work? have you got the "-" imbetween CTRL & ALT ???
  16. If its getting recognised as at32uc3b - your in dfu mode. Check the ducks small black button, looks like its jammed under the metal housing. Use a pin/paper-clip to wiggle the little black button, and hopefully your good to go!
  17. you probably want multi-duck, but its limited to the led signals caps,scroll,num lock (as these signals are the only ones Ive seen flow back down the same communication channel to the ducky) m_duck_v2.hex
  18. use du-programer (available form mac ports or brew). steps on using dfu-programmer are here: https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Flashing_Guide
  19. https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Guide_Change_USB_VID_PID
  20. Use caps wisely, if your using the caps-lock trigger; simple double-tap - the delay at the start of the script should not be necessary - so start with another caps-keypress.
  21. To byass keyboard setup - use/pretent to be an apple keyboard: https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Keyboard_VID_PIDS
  22. use the command 'lsusb' you should see the atmel device in there somewhere, in dfu mode the duck doesn't do hardy anything except let you play with the firmware.
  23. Which firmware are you running? that could be the issue?
  24. what firmware are you using? likely the ducky is firing really fast - your computer misses the first sequence, by pushing the button your replaying the sequence. add an initial delay of 3000 or more eg delay 3000 GUI R delay 200 string notepad enter delay 200 STRING hello world ENTER
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