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  1. ah like the teensy project http://code.google.com/p/teensy-dlp-bypass/
  2. How are ÅÄÖ normally generated? looking at my code they normally replace ['; or {@: but the hid codes may be different.
  3. I picked up an microSD-2-MMC adapter from a camera-shop/supermarket for approx $2. My laptop has a MMC port and I mount the card that way otherwise consider an all-in-1 card reader. They're on ebay and amazon at low cost.
  4. If your from outside the US, we need you to test and confirm the keyboard maps at http://code.google.c...er/v2/resources Using the duck encoder v2.2+ Additionally, if your language is not currently supported. We need your Help!
  5. Sometimes the SD cards dont work, try another one - normally find them inside mobile phones. More importantly read http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=24755. Hopefully you just have a duff SDcard. SDcards can be found in camera shops/super-markets small ones <4GB are usually between $5 - $10. Larger 8GB - 16GB are usually $10- $20.
  6. Since quite a lot of people have been forgetting to save their source, here is PoC for reversing inject.bin back to script form: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/ It is written in perl, so you'll need Perl installed on Windows/OSX/Linux.
  7. Hardware wise all I've noticed is that the AP51 has a stronger processor and slightly more memory. I personally added the Mk 3 features to the fon v1 way back as a POC, the only problem that arose was when network sniffing/MiTM, if the processor hit 100% or the memory hit 100% the fon would reboot, and lose the data. I believe the Mark 3, interface and scripts should work on the fon. The problem is that its complex and a lot of work, if you dont know what your doing its difficult to debug and fix. Darren and the Team are doing an amazing job, at simplifying this processes so that eventually it will be available to everyone. Its understandable that we all have other projects/jobs that take up most of our time. We all just have to be patient.
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