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  1. echeco

    Mail Server

    Thanks for the Advice guyintheroom :)
  2. echeco

    Mail Server

    yeah.. that could be a problem, so i guess it´s a better option to pay a hosted one.
  3. echeco

    Mail Server

    :) Like the "You Control It" part.... but it takes me a wild to select one any recommendations??
  4. echeco

    Mail Server

    Well, Basically the main question it this: Setup my own mail server vs look for a hosted mail server? Would anyone be kind to drop a line about this. cheers :)
  5. Just look through the files, it pretty obvious which one you'd want to change. thanks, I did that.....
  6. HI... :D :D how can i change the options on nmap?? is there a file i can modify??? cheers
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