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  1. I just connect the red and black wire and release the magic smoke...
  2. I have limited choice for carriers here in Alaska. For national carriers it is AT&T and sometime next year Verizon. I am looking for the best USB 3G/4G device for the MkIV.
  3. I bought this powered hub from the hakshop. http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/accessory/products/usb-powered-hub I hear it isn't good to power the MKIV via the usb port but the first time I attached the juicepack on the red USB plug the pineapple got power. My question is, on the plug(black) that is going to the pineapple should I cut just the red wire(+5V) or the black wire(GND) or both?
  4. Can you post a link the github wiki you mentioned?
  5. If you are still having problems look into putting a good Isolation Transformer with a built in power conditioner between your generator and UPS. Also I can not stress enough when wring in a generator to double check your grounding. Even if you completely set aside the safety aspects you will have nothing but trouble if you have flakey/incorrect/no ground with a generator.
  6. I have a MkIII with 2.1.2 on it and I am just running dns spoof(no karma) at the moment. The problem is the karma.log grows at an extremely fast rate, it is so bad that /tmp fills up and within a few hours the Fon just grinds to a halt. Is there a way to stop this(log rotate, etc)? It is strange that it filling up so fast when karma isn't even running. Here is a chuck of the log, it is pretty much these lines over and over again. KARMA is disabled when handling probe request Add randomness: count=88684 entropy=1087 Add randomness: count=88685 entropy=1087 Add randomness: count=88686 entropy=1087 STA 00:0e:58:42:22:da sent probe request without SSID or supported rates element
  7. I tried ngrep with no luck but even if I could get it working I have stability issues running it for long periods of time anyways(memory/heat?). I can't seem to find a web server log anywhere on the pineapple that I could just tail either.
  8. Okay I have DNS spoof and URL snarf running and redirecting everything to a page on the Mkiii, however URL snarf does not report anything. All I want is to see is how many times a host tries hitting a page before giving up and moves on. Other then the DHCP lease file I really don't know how busy this AP is. What is the best option to do this? Thank You
  9. Ok I have a freshly flashed mkiii with 2.1.2 I can get it setup and rick rolling wirelessly without any trouble, loaded the files, turned on DNS spoof, etc... My issue is I want to set it up to work standalone(just the mkiii). However when I do this and join the network the mkiii does not appear to hand out any dhcp information. I tried google'ing and have been reading/searching the forums and I have see how to do it with older versions but I can't seem to figure out how to do it with the mkiii. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I currently have a Max232 from Compsys and I know it is working because I have used it on other devices. However It does not like my MkIII, it might have to do with the MkIII only outputting 3 volts and the 232 is expecting 5? I could be hooking it up it wrong as well but I was wondering what are other people are using for their TTL to serial adaptors?
  11. Yes. I changed roots password the first time I ssh'ed into the unit.
  12. brianzimm, I will look into that. Mr-Protocol, changing roots password seems to have no effect on web interface access.
  13. What/how is the best way to password protect the web based admin interface?
  14. Can you post pictures of the damaged connector and weak solder joint?
  15. Okay a colleague at the office figured this one out... Ubuntu links /bin/sh to dash not bash. I did do "ps -p $$" and "echo $0" and they both reported bash so I thought I was good. After I fixed that I did not get that error.
  16. I am running on Ubuntu 11.10 and when I try and run the wp3.sh I get "[[: not found" after each line if I enter a value or not. I do not see this behavior under BT but due to hardware incompatibilities(or my stupidity) I am having difficulties with that distro at the moment. lostngone@lostngone-MacBookPro:~$ sudo ./wp3.sh Input Pineapple Netmask [or ENTER for]: ./wp3.sh: 8: [[: not found Input Pineapple Network [or ENTER for]: ./wp3.sh: 14: [[: not found Input Interface between PC and Pineapple [or ENTER for eth0]: ./wp3.sh: 20: [[: not found Any ideas?
  17. Mk III Okay I have a TTL to serial adapter. My question is, what are the pinouts for the Mk III?
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