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  1. Has anyone done any work with pineapples or other low cost HW/SW to do rapid triangulation or fox-hunting of rogue base stations or other interlopers?
  2. I ordered mine as well. Had to get the elite, don't know why. I think the soft bag is better, way less suspicious then walking around with a big pelican case with an antenna on it... I am waiting to see how really "un-brickable" it really is. Un-brickable? Challenge accepted! Why, because I am the better idiot you were warned about!
  3. I bought this one... http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/Cables/USBTTLSerial.htm TTL-232RG-VREG3V3-WE Not the cheapest TTL UART.
  4. What kind of fight times do you want? I am not to worried about jamming with a blimp, the autopilot/IMU is doing most of work. With a good IMU even spotty GPS is enough as long as you are in open air. As far as jamming what I am doing with a directional antenna I guess they could if they knew what the drone was doing in the first place but I wouldn't paint the side of the blimp with a pineapple or a sign thats reads "1337 W1F1 Hax0rz"
  5. How about a 3g modem on board? I want to play with drone blimps. Isn't stealth but you could loiter for longer periods of time(weather permitting) and have bigger payloads(depending on the size of your envelope).
  6. Go here...
  7. You would want something like this... http://store.diydrones.com/category_s/28.htm A Hexa would have enough lift and flight time for the pineapple. The nice thing is you would have have plenty of juice to run the pineapple from the onboard LiPro battery or batteries. Control wouldn't be a big deal if all you wanted to do was a survey or quick attack because with Arducoper you would just setup a flight path ahead of time and just launch it. You could get creative with 2 way telemetry and a camera. You would then be able to park it on a roof for an extended period of time, you would just have to make sure you had enough juice to have it fly home.
  8. If there was a narrow band 2.4Ghz transmitter and the base station in question was on a low channel lets say 1(2.412Ghz) and this transmitter was tuned to obliterate the spectrum to around 2.457Ghz then Channel 11 would be open for use. This is all theoretical discussion of course.
  9. The Novatel MC547 3G USB Dongle has a slot in it for a microSDHC memory card so theoretically you could have both in one device. I have one but I am to stupid to figure out how to get it to connect.
  10. Does the pineapple boot and detect it you insert the memory stick directly into the pineapple before applying power? What version 2.7? EDIT: Also can you post a copy of your fstab?
  11. Sorry, I do not have the same pack as you so maybe that is normal for that model. I would contact the hak shop.
  12. You do not want to loop the red power cable like that... You need to plug the red plug into a power source as well as the USB to DIN/barrel pineapple power cable into a power source as well. What I did is cut up two USB A female to A male cables and wired only the red and black wires together to make a Y-cable for power only. Just make sure the source has enough power/current to supply everything you plug in.
  13. The one I received just pulled apart with my fingers, no screws or glue. You might need a small screwdriver to pry it open
  14. At first I thought I just might have a bad USB hub maybe something like a shorted diode however this is NOT the case. Both positive leads and both negative leads inside the black USB data connector and red USB power connector are soldered to their respective pads on the board. I am also interested in seeing what would happen if you powered a pineapple from the USB port and DIN connector at the same time... Anyone wanna try it? :( As far as thesugarat's question. As I mentioned on the host side of the hub you will see two red wires connecting to one point on the board and two black wires connected to another point on the board. What you want to do is find red wire that runs to the black USB connector and cut that wire. In the picture I have circled the wire I cut.
  15. I will cut the wire today and post pics and if it works tonight.
  16. Was it just a demo on the show or will be available from the bar?
  17. Does it read i13200 or i3200? I think I have seen that issue before but I can not replicate it with what I have. I have two i3200 pineapple juice packs, two mkIVs and one mkIII and can not get the pack to turn off during the boot phase. If the juice pack is fully charged and it still does it I would say to have a defective unit. One more stupid question, how are you connecting the pineapple juice pack to the pineapple? Are you using this cable?
  18. I seem to be running into problems with usb hubs. I am looking for a good powered hub for the pineapple. I have tried 2 different powered hubs with little luck. I have tried the powered hub from the hak shop and after the power feed back issue I decided not to use it and I went out and bought a Belkin F4U038-APL 4 port powered hub and I am dropping my USB connection after a short time when using the AWUS036NHA. I know this sounds like a pretty simple question that a google search could answer but rather then wasting more time and money with trial and error I thought I would come here and ask what others are using. Thank You Pineapple Hardware Version: mkIV Pineapple Software Version: 2.7.0 OS used to connect to the pineapple: Linux(ubuntu) Network layout of how your setup is connected: Standalone mode, 4gig sandisk and AWUS036NHA with Belkin F4U038-APL powered hub All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: Karma, randomroll, jammer Ping results from computer to pineapple: no problem with ping Is the problem repeatable: Yes Steps taken which created the problem: I do not have any issues when using the hub with only sandisk installed. Error Messages: included below in spoiler Log file information: Anything else that was attempted to 'fix' the problem: Tried different/higher current power supply for powered hub
  19. I am starting to see my USB connector on my mkIV get flaky. I was dropping the connection to my hub at first I thought it was my hub or software but after troubleshooting I noticed that if I bump the connector or wiggle the cable I lose USB connectivity. It is definitively cable specific some cables I have a hard time getting it to flake out and others it seems if i even touch the connector it drops. Has anyone else seen this?
  20. What kind of antenna are you using? I do not know anything about that amp but I know L-com makes units that run on voltages ranging anywhere from 9 to 12 volts DC. Just read up on the laws in your area if you get a high output amp. ;) Here is a link to a 12 volt pack... http://www.amazon.com/Bescor-Shoulder-Battery-Cigarette-Charger/dp/B0006IF9B6/ref=sr_1_57?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1350444381&sr=1-57
  21. Here is a video of what is happening... http://youtu.be/yo01xpM0qzU
  22. I know, but it isn't a bad thing to have in your bag if a flash goes wrong or you decide to do something stupid after drinking to many attitude adjustments...
  23. That is the problem i am trying to stop. If I plug the red plug into the battery the black plug into the pineapple the pineapple powers up. I am trying to stop this from happening.
  24. Good to know... I was about to buy the Alfa TTL UART Dev board from there. Anyone know where else I can get one?
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