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  1. i have a feeling they are connected at and the pineapple is on but that is my guess because thats what i ran into when i was trying to flash mine. if i remember right i had to change my static ip to and reflash to get it to work right.
  2. there is always. hey can i borrow this so i can copy it.
  3. since its all over the news that the feds took down megaupload. from what i found is they just up a filler site at'> just wanted to know what you all thought. on the site it just says for the moment. WE DON'T HAVE ANY DOMAIN NAME FOR NOW ONLY THIS IP ADDRESS ( BEWARE TO THE PISHING SITES! This is the NEW MEGAUPLOAD SITE! we are working to be back full again Bookmark the site and share the new address in facebook and twitter!
  4. looks to me IP: Sub: Router/Gate: blank should change Router/Gate to insted of blank
  5. sorry to raise a dead thread but was thinking about getting a gargoyle pocket router. was mostly wondering if it would work. i was going to it from here http://www.gargoyle-router.com/shop/products/gargoyle-pocket-router it has the Chipset Atheros AR2315
  6. Could try trapster for iPhone and droid. It's free for most phones.
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