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  1. when using metasploit and the fake_dns module it gives me an error. use auxiliary/server/mitm_fakedns Failed to load module: auxiliary/server/mitm_fakedns Do you know what it can be? :S Thank you so much
  2. Yes the templates are there but when I create a new website with the option "Site Cloner", the website doesnt go to /set/src/html/templates. Can't find it anywhere :S
  3. I can access the templates that already came with SET. But when I choose to make a new cloned website, I can't locate it anywhere. Do you know how I can find it? I've searched like this "locate msn.com", but it doesn't return any results. Thank you so much.
  4. So you use SET + metasploit + a DNS Server? Do you know any good tutorial? Thank you so much.
  5. When I create a new fake website through SET, I can't find its location. I want to change the login button to redirect the user to the real page. For example when I create the http://www.fakewebsite.com and try to search where it is: locate fakewebsite It doesn't return any results. Where can I find the created fake website? Thank you so much
  6. I have just checked and it is ON by default. What do you advise me to do? Thank you so much.
  7. What do you use instead of DNS spoofing (ettercap) when you use the SET? Do you know any good tutorial? Thank you so much.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am using Social Engineering Toolkit, but when the user goes to the false webpage (generated by the social enginnering toolkit) and makes the login, it is always redirected to that same false page. It's like the user makes whatever number of attempts to login and it obviously doesnt login. What I want to do is redirect the user to the real webpage after the first login on the false webpage generated by the social enginnering toolkit. Is there any option on the social engineering toolkit to make that redirection automatically after the first login? Thank you so much.
  9. Hey everyone ! I am using Backtrack 5 Gnome 32 bit version and I've successfully tested the DNS spoofing with ettercap among with the Social Engineering Toolkit. I watched a video in youtube explaining all the process. So, when a user from my LAN accesses http://www.twitter.com and tries to login, the login fails and I'm able to get its username and password information, however the user is redirected to the same false twitter.com page. How can I redirect the user to the real twitter.com page after that first login (in which I'm able to get its login data)? I would have to change that dns mapping because the twitter.com url is associated to my backtrack 5 linux machine. How can I redirect the user to the real page? (in this case the twitter page) Thank you so much !
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