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  1. yeap confirmed just upgraded to a 16gb sd card, cant install infusions
  2. thanx for the work :) i got it updated and all infusions installed :) time to get a juice at the bar ... enjoy your travel, and i hope to see you guys soon again :)
  3. same here, got my markv yesterday, still no progress due to no update etc :( 1. cant download upgrade firmware thru markv 2. cant download it thru normal internet (just reloads page) 3. cant install infusions :( buhuhuhuhuhu sebkinne fix das mal fuer deinen freund :)
  4. Part 6 : Game inserted Fits nicely Glue it to the backpanel Put the Fon router back in his/hers place While putting it back together i discoverd some things 1.Monitor holder pushes the reset button on router (so i cut out a little part of the holder (right side white plastic) 2.The contrast and volume buttons (where still on circuitboards) are to big, so i cut them down and glued them Final Product Front Final Product Back Auto RickRoll Jasager Interface SSH to Gameboy :) and tail-f /tmp/tatus.log thanx for reading :)
  5. Part 5 : Howto make a nice top with a old game, you can see two holes wich i drilled so i can se the leds (power/wifi) Take a old game Disasamble the game Take out the circuitboard and cut the game and more and more and more and glue the three parts toegether So it fits like this :)
  6. Part 4 : Cut out the back of the Gameboy caseing Cut out the top to fit the power and network connector Drill a hole for the antenna Unsolder headset,contrast,volume,power and gamelink connectors and glue (except headset (screw)) them to the original place Solder a powercable with the second connector to the batteryconnectors and put the top together Cover the batteryconnectors top curcuitboard with tape End of Lesson 1 :) front side End of Lesson 1 :) back side
  7. Part 3 : We still want to use the front buttons (retro feeling) Cut the curcuitboard into half Like this :) Screw the bottom half back onto the gameboy initially i wanted to keep all wheels etc working, but it takes to much space, so i removed the contrast en volume button and glued them (fotos later) Back to the other cuircuit board :) Unsolder the battery connectors Like this :) Initially i cut he circuitboard to resuse the contrast and volume wheels, you can just unsolder them from the board Everything should look like this now :)
  8. Part 2 : Disasamble fon router Two screws under the front rubber feet Carefully lift the front up to disasamble Take out the circuitboard, and put it aside Take the front of the part of the game boy Unscrew the circuitboard Unscrew and cut off the screen Should look like this :) Cut off the remaining flatcables Screw the display back in the gameboy :)
  9. Here my first Post/Casemod i wil not discuss jasager,scripts etc in this post try the search function thanks to : Darren Kitchen (Batterypack) $2 - $12 Fon Batterypack Digininja,metatron,g-ram and h3%5kr3w (random order) (the idea for this case mod) Pineapple Case Posting Buy a used old non functional Gameboy Classic (i got mine at a local gameshop, wich sells old vintage computerstuff) Gameboy with backcover plus 1 old game (not on 1st fotos) = €12 Battery Holder incl switch at a local techstore = €1.95 2 power connectors at a local techstore = €3.00 Solder one of the connecto
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