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  1. Screens of my friend ceph's jIRCii script vapor: http://t.co/q08aV5Zl -- old school IRC schemes live on. Vapor is at: http://t.co/4RW0FBP9

  2. A secret secret secret service called Armitage that answers only to the PM: http://t.co/dGabQbwz (a very 'strange' mashup...)

  3. Defense against the Black Arts: How Hackers Do What They Do and How to Protect against It by @jessevarsalone @theprez98 http://t.co/d74UZLsw

  4. #FF @attritionorg for introducing me to videos of baby sloths on YouTube. Too cute. http://t.co/y5ZHDLKQ

  5. Lesson of the day: never underestimate the power of a well worded letter, putting yourself in someone else's shoes, and meeting them halfway

  6. Wish I could have made @novahackers tonight. Sounds like a great meeting went down. This is a very busy season for me though...

  7. Armitage and Ettercap DNS Spoofing and Browser Exploit with Backtrack 5 R1 http://t.co/TThgI0kM

  8. Armitage is cool, but my Automattic's grammar checker, After the Deadline, has more Facebook likes. http://t.co/xyfkDlKo

  9. "Dear @armitagehacker, I tried to follow your instructions but get permission denied when trying to add a file to /etc". Dude use sudo.

  10. If you use Armitage for remote metasploit/collaboration -- I think you'll be really pleased with the latest performance boost.

  11. Wow, everything is as last minute as it can get--*BUT* I love it when a plan comes together.

  12. PSA: do you get a blank dialog when connecting Armitage to MSF? Run it as root. If arm. can't read database.yml file, it blows up. Will fix

  13. If you liked yesterday's update, more to come. Testing an optimization to transmit hosts, services, and sessions only when an update occurs

  14. Her'es the changelog on the latest Armitage update: http://t.co/2vYaAH9T -- msfupdate has it too.

  15. rsmudge


    @bobbyb1980 here are two videos that will help you out: Armitage and Metasploit Training, part 5: Maneuver This video will show you how to setup a pivot, scan through a pivot, and attack hosts through a pivot Armitage and Metasploit Training, part 6: Team Tactics This video will show you how to setup a remote server as a "shared" Metasploit host. You'll also learn how to use proxychains to route externals tools through a pivot. The entire series if you're interested is at: http://www.ethicalhacker.net/content/view/379/1/
  16. Downside of msgpack is the current MSF installs (4.0 and below) don't have the gem. Could keep compat with XMLRPC but that's a lot of cruft

  17. Thanks for the suggestions on my free ESXi gripe. I'm aware that I can "work around" limitations. I see one limitation = others to discover

  18. I keep spending a ton of money on artists. Am I a patron of the arts yet?

  19. Wow, best lecture I've seen on pen testing yet. http://t.co/fsRP81Sj

  20. alrighty, ESXi is installed. *phew* late nights are starting to catch up to me.

  21. Sheesh, talk about 11th hour hacking. Added token stealing to Armitage. Meterp -> Access -> Steal Token. Enjoy.

  22. Two 1TB hard drives just arrived. Now to build out an awesome server for: http://t.co/WDWfW5Aj (this is how I use my cut of the tuition)

  23. Not possible yet (due to license restrictions), but here's what Armitage would be like with a VNC client embedded: http://t.co/rebfMRKj

  24. I couldn't get to sleep, so I played with vnc meterpreter script and updated how Armitage uses it. It's now useful even if msf is not local

  25. Here's a more narrative write-up about what's new in this release of Armitage: http://t.co/cmXgELFS

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