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  1. i would get with the HAK shop if in doubt and have them check it for device failure.
  2. things we should get is like STEAM,HULU,NETFLIX,MINECRAFT(HAHA),etc.
  3. thank you.have you thought about using telot ssmtp to get the logs from your usb sent to you every 30min or something to your email account.
  4. i will buy that person a 24 pack of bud light platinum. also if anyone has time and wants to teamviewer to setup some stuff with me on my pineapple can keep the beer coming hehe
  5. awesome.btw has anyone tried any other 3g dongle from ting.com .foundering if the sierra one for 55$ will work with the mkiv
  6. thx petertfm was looking for something like this.no how would we setup to have the phish.log and urlspoof.log files be saved on the /usb/www/ folder instead of the root/www/pineapple folder.
  7. after upgrade and powercycle.device giving me not enough space to place one file on root or www folder.what did I screw up
  8. hey telot how about something like this My link or My link
  9. i would not got with just having 5V and any kinda amp from 2A-11A. reason being cuz its not worth just getting 5V when there are 12V dry batteries that are rechargable weighing about the same. you be better off just getting a 12V 6Ah and a trickle charger. here couple ideas: My link My link dont forget we might wanna have the mark 3 with the mark 4 connected so go with 12V
  10. as long as you get close to 12v and over 2Ah your fine.wasn't the new Trent only 5v that would be the bare minimum why its not enough.
  11. with a usb storage your mark 4 will draw more current.so getting more then 5V 1A is incouraged. 1 AA 1.5V battery with 2400mh in series with 4 will get you to 5V 2A for awhile. and run your pineapple with a usb storage card like the cruz mini fit 4GB
  12. /* set the cache expire to 5 minutes */ session_cache_expire(5); $cache_expire = session_cache_expire(); would something like this maybe work?
  13. Power requirement DC Jack: 5V DC (standard) / 12V DC (option) PoE: 12V Passive PoE
  14. which battery pack are you using if you are
  15. 4 AA battery pack works great with the mark 4 with usb plugged in rickrolling peeps at starbucks
  16. Appreciate the Effort you put into this petertfm. will be setting this up straight away
  17. yes pls.appreciate the time and effort everybodys does on this site.
  18. Bump. would it be worth getting the Sierra 598u from ting.com to use with the Mark IV pineapple?
  19. Can someone please reupload the Nyan Cat files (index.html, NYAN.mp3, NYAN.gif) Thank you
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