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  1. Due to a lot of people asking in other threads I typed up this one.

    We have noticed a standstill on Firmware and actually forum post's.

    And the Threads are a total mess.

    Can we get the main thread stickies up top with the latest firmware and maybe we can get some old

    stuff cleared out that had no re valence .

    We noticed your statements with things being crazy around hak5 and that Sara and others

    are working hard. (Highly appreciate all of you)

    Just could use some more interaction

    just a thought from a hak5 supporter :)

  2. One question .fresh out of box.what format should I format the microsd card to before I even fire it up. Want to make the perfect install.

    FYI I don't want to use the pineapple version GUI format SD card.I want to have it all ready and properly formatted before I even fire up the device the first time


  3. can confirm went to configuration tab on tetra firmware 1.0.2 .clicked the General down arrow. selected Factory Restore PineApple and nothing happend the first time.

    Also unable to install dnsSpoof 1.2 it freezes on installing for 25min

  4. Who all thinks we should get these devices separated here on the forum module page.

    For better support and bug finding I think it would help everyone

    Known differences nano having SD card and install function and Tetra not

    I think when posting issues we all should name the device first then the firmware we are on .then the module with the issue in the proper device topic.

  5. Testing on the tetra on 1.0.2 firmware

    Dependencies installed.when starting deauth start button just stays as start button but logs showing deauthing. When I go to dashboard and back then it shows wlan1mon but button still shows start. After hitting start it stops deauth and the stop button appears.

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