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  1. No problem. I don't think Darren and company would have a problem with it since it's not in competition with something they are selling, it only compliments it. I do understand what you are saying about it not being cheap. I'm not really looking for a titanium one or anything like you mentioned. Just something plastic it would fit in. I guess I'll either wait for your CAD drawings and get someone to "print" me a couple, or see if there's a case on digikey or somewhere that is close in size and I can make work. Thanks for the help.
  2. A tool this sweet does not belong in a duck's butt........hahaha, j/k. Seriously though, if I am going to talk someone into plugging this in to their system, I would like to have it look more like a normal flash drive. I have had a couple flash drives in the past that the case broke off of and I found that people are naturally suspicious of it when they can see the circuit board. Anyone find a case that fits well for the ducky?
  3. I can't wait for this. If they come in at the price point they say, I'll be buying 5-10 of them to play with.
  4. vrocco


    Has anyone seen the PwnPlug (you can google for the site)? Looks kinda cool, but considering the problems with the SheevaPlugs overheating and burning themselves out, I am hesitant to pay $400-$500 for a "PwnPlug" and have it burn out. I wouldn't be nearly as mad if I only paid $99 for a SheevaPlug and it burned out. So anyone have any idea how the software might be setup and configured so we could make our own? The website gives a few clues, but I was curious if anyone had seen one firsthand.
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