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  1. I was thinking TETRA (full throttle) using 24W of power. My one power bank can provide only 5v * 3amp = 15W , So I think one power bank not enough.
  2. I use two TOMO power banks which using Li-Ion batt. I use old laptop batteries for that . And you can change this battery without shut down the unit. Each power bank capable to provide up to 3 amp. Plus it has fancy screen which provide you with information about amperage right now. :))))
  3. Hi Can someone tell me if it possible to run something like REAVER in background? like SCREEN command on Linux. For example : If I start REAVER on my MK4 disconnect PC and live it alone. Back in 4 hours, connect back and see progress. Thank you.
  4. How to fix logs? Where is no logs. File exist but it empty.
  5. I confirm that cable make difference. i got that cable from ebay for 4$ free shipping. It change signal tremendously.
  6. Thank you for sharing Can u explane how use a file with a list of ap's mac's that are not to be deautuse on BT?
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