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  1. hi guys is there anyway to hook the teensy up to a wireless mouse? i have a few ideas if this can be done thanks...
  2. Hi Mr-Protocol i don't have the rubber ducky i also have the teensy base one ascorbic i tried using the double "/" but still getting the same error i am also using arduino-0022 :( thanks...
  3. Hi I'm having a little problem with some coding i'm working on for my teensy and was wondering if anyone can help? the problem is when i add this line of code Keyboard.print("strHDLocation = "C:\Users\Public\BACK.GIF""); i get this error when compiling stry '\' in program is there anyway around this? thanks...
  4. hi i was wondering if there is anyway to get backtrack 5 to run on a 8 gb usb and have it save it settings? thanks...
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