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  1. if it passes we will occupy Hollywood Boulevard.
  2. The new pineapple episode was supposed to be posted today. I cant wait to see it. Maybe it will be on later tonight. Does anyone know anything or am i just missing something?
  3. This thread made me wonder if there are proggrams for making an air card able to go into promiscuous mode, are there or does it depend on the air card?
  4. The pinneapple v2 looks like a router so what you could do is just set the pine apple on top of or next to the router itself and slap on a linksys sticker so that it just looks like part of the setup.
  5. Thank you I'm trying to do as much research as I can before I buy one :)
  6. Hey so I haven't come across a guide for letting the pineapple access wifi where users on it can surf the web normally. And with this how would you go about monitoring it live with a program like wireshark? Sorry for the Noob questions but I really do appreciate your reply.
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