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  1. I was using John the Ripper 1.7.8 (stable, Unix - sources, tar.gz, 830 KB), I'll try the Jumbo 6 one I installed jumbo-6, i kept getting an error when compiling the source, and im still getting the same errors with 1.7.8
  2. do you think it would be something with my install or JTR? seems it has something to do with the format option, if i dont have it it'll run, but take forever. but as soon as i put -format:MD5 or -format:raw-MD5 i get Unknown ciphertext format name requested error. and if i have any other option i get the initial error.
  3. Did you use the line i used when doing brute force?
  4. You got brute force method to work?
  5. That's with a wordlist, im trying to do a brute force method. Good to know wordlist method works though
  6. I have tried that, but it says it finds two passwords and I assume it'll try all hashes, thus taking longer. sample of pwd.txt: User:5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592 Also tried without a capital "U"
  7. Yeah I've tried both, I honestly have no idea whats going on, also I might have mentioned, but I'm on linux
  8. strange, those don't work either
  9. I keep getting the error No password hashes loaded (see FAQ) when entering this line in BT5 ./john --format=MD5 pwd.txt When I try using "raw-MD5" as the format I get this error Unknown ciphertext format name requested I've tried following the FAQ answer on the JTR sire, but I hasn't worked. Can anyone help? Thanks, Archey
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