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  1. according to winrar the files are there in the rar file but once they are uncompressed they just disappear, even when i disable my av which is avast. anybody else ever had problems with winrar and avast before? im gonna try to use a different program to uncompress EDIT: alright well i was messing around trying to figure out whats wrong and i noticed if i go to the properties of the uncompressed SBS folder it says it has 13 files in it, but when i open it theres nothing there. I set everything to not be hidden, even though ive got folder settings so i can see hidden stuff. i thought it might be something with windows explorer so i tried typed in the location of my hacksaw directory in firefox so i could view it in there, but when i open up the SBS folder theres still nothing there. i also tried to uncompress it using 7-zip but its doing the same thing
  2. i agree with you guys but im not really sure what to say about this. this is just strange. i did a screencap video to show you how it is, maybe somebody can help me. its kind of large but i couldnt get it any smaller heres the link http://dl023.filefactory.com/dl/f/0cf593/b...4b933737e9c7fd/
  3. wow i must be retarded or something. i have no idea whats going on. thanks for trying to help anyways
  4. yea ive got it so i can view hidden folders/files, but this is really weird i just downloaded it again and theres still nothing there. im downloading it from http://www.hak5.org/releases/2x03/hacksaw/...w_ver0.2poc.rar any ideas? is there another link i can try or something?
  5. well the version i downloaded straight from the usb_hacksaw wiki page doesnt have anything at all in the sbs folder, so theres no send.bat file for me to edit
  6. from what the wiki for hacksaw says it makes it look like all you have to do is install it on a u3 drive and then youre done. but i guess thats not the case. what all else do you have to do? i assume you have to make your own send.bat file, is there anything else?
  7. hey everybody i just downloaded this and im having some problems with it. first of all i made the mistake of trying to install without taking a look at everything and i took a look in the sbs files and its empty. now i dont know if you have to make the send.bat file yourself or what but its not working. i think i might have screwed my usb drive up to. since i installed the launchpad from the loader_u3_sandisk folder it doesnt work like it used to any help with this would be much appreciated. thanks
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