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  1. i got it to work by putting it all on one line: sh /www/pineapple/startkarma.sh & /www/pineapple/update-associations.sh & /www/pineapple/dnsspoof.sh
  2. hi Sebkinne, thx for your reply. i olmost got it to work, i looked at the php file's of the webinterface and i changed the lines in rc.local to this: /www/pineapple/startkarma.sh /www/pineapple/update-associations.sh that worked for karma. i changed your line for dnsspoof to this: dnsspoof -i br-lan -f /www/pineapple/spoofhost > /dev/null 2>/www/pineapple/dnsspoof.log this works from the cli line but not when put in the rc.local file and rebooting the device. i also tried putting /www/pineapple/dnsspoof.sh in the rc.local file but also no luck. when running ps aux | grep dns after booting it does not show a proces running
  3. Hello guys, I got a Pineapple MK2 and i flashed it with the MK3 software today. Now im wondering how to get Karma and DNS Spoof to run on start. found 2 topics with the same question but no answer: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/12879-autostart-jasager-karma/?hl=%2Bkarma+%2Bon+%2Bboot http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/24519-auto-phishing-mark-3/?hl=%2Bkarma+%2Bon+%2Bboot
  4. what i think that happens is that the laptop see's both the subnets on both interfaces. most of the time the kabel connection has a lower metric then the wifi one. if you type route print in a cmd prompt you can see what your laptop thinks. either give your fon a other subnet or what maybe helps is bridge the wifi and eth connection on your laptop (not sure if that helps).
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