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  1. OK, so I finally got round to copying those flash logs for you. I've kept a few loops at the end as well:
  2. Oh dear, I feel like an idiot. Thanks guys for being patient. Mine seems to be working now, but my friend is still having difficulties. We've tried everything we could think of, but it's trapped in the loop (sounds like a good movie plot, no?). Any thoughts? I'll get him to post his flash log soon. Edit: Scratch that. I flashed it with the jasager firmware and get the exact same loop as before. WTH Edit2: If I try to drop into the Hornet shell, it either loops again or kernel panics. I've reflashed a load of times.
  3. Oh crap, forgot the flashing part. I'll edit this post with a log of it.
  4. Thanks, you guys are awesome. If it helps, I noticed that if the ethernet cable is not plugged in, I can drop into a shell as root@Hornet:\#. Plugging it in instantly starts the boot loop. Here you go:
  5. I've flashed it several times, but I did it again just in case. Same story. Is there a chance that we have a revised version of the ap121u or something?
  6. [sOLVED!] For those of you having the same problem as me, I fixed it by using the power cable that it was shipped with, rather than the USB power cable. Because I am in the UK, I had to use a shaver to mains adapter. Thanks everyone. Hey guys, me and a friend got our hands on the AP121U via ebay and were hoping to flash them with the Jasager firmware. We followed the guide to the letter and used UART cables to flash the factory binaries onto the devices. However, they enter into a boot loop after resetting them. I can hit 'f' and return to drop into failsafe mode, where we're presented
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