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  1. Has anyone evaluated the feasibility of using responder on the packet squirrel? Using on the Bash Bunny/Turtle is awesome, but I can see how putting it on a device which utilizes the supported Ethernet connection would expand the possibility of using something like the QuickCreds payload.
  2. So, I've reset the LAN turtle multiple times now trying to get the QuickCred module to work. It seems the issue I've had time after time is that Responder is not being installed properly by the module manager as a dependency. I attempted to start the module from the SSH console and saw "ln: /etc/turtle/Responder/logs: No such file or directory". Indeed, Responder is nowhere to be found. Does anyone know how I can work around this? I've tried installing the Responder module as well, but it seems to look for resources in the wrong spot and causes conflicts.
  3. I'm having issues getting the turtle to load on all but one of the machines I've tried. Looks like it can't load the device driver. Is there a work-around to this? Can the device driver be manually installed?
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