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  1. thanks seb.dwall is working now with the new frimeware 2.0.2
  2. hi ther,i have updated to 2.0.2 and works fine but the dwall module is not working.thanks for your effort and happy new year to all
  3. i also face the same issue so i reflush to the old frimeware 1.1.3
  4. hi again,i am sad this new update did not work for me at all.i did every thing mentioned here but nothing works for my nano so i reflushed the old frimeware 1.13 ?.i have to wait if there is a new update for the nee frimeware
  5. thanks foxtrot for your reply,i tried the factory rest but the device didi not respond,should i use a pc to do so?
  6. i tried to factory rest my device to upgrade to the new version 2.0.1.but the pineapple did not responed at all.should i use a pc to frimeware reset it?or ther is other way to resolve this problem?
  7. becuse this the updated v2.0.1 if you didnot notice.the 2.0 has this problem.which i am stack with until now ?
  8. i am a noob too.how can i solve this issue now?how could i add my mac address while i could not connect to the device?
  9. the same problem i can not connect to my device!?plz help
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