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  1. Hey, thanks for all the replies! Sorry, I have been so busy, haven't had too much time to play with it yet. But I believe my wireless cards are getting sucked into Karma lol. I haven't got to try all of replies yet, but this is where I stand. I disabled wicd all together. So that's not an issue anymore. I am using an alfa card, but I was curious if there is a benefit to using that for this or if my normal wireless card is fine? I know the benefit of monitor mode for aircrack suite, but for use of the pineapple, is there a benefit? I notice im having a hard time disabling my internal wireless card. I keep typing sudo ifconfig wlan0 down (the alfa is wlan1), but in a few, it seems to turn back on. I even try to disable it by the button, but that seems to disable my usb device too somehow. So I can get it to be an open AP. But when I turn on karma, is when it messes up. I did try the ipod thing, manually connecting to an ssid saying "This is fake" and it did work. After a sec or two, I notice my connection isn't working anymore. I look at my wireless card, and looks like im connected to an old SSID. So looks like karma is working properly, but then my laptop, or anything connected to the pineapple has wifi. I looked into the pineapple, and I did find the blacklist for ssid's, but is that what I want? I dont know how to stop myself from being karma'd. If I blacklist "pineapple" or "freewifi" does that stop everyone from connecting to it? Anyways, thanks to everyone for the advice. I will continue to play with it, and see what I can figure out.
  2. Hey Pewpew, thanks for replying back I have used iwconfig, and my alfa card is on wlan0. So i make sure the wp4.sh points in the right direction. The wp4 process goes fine, and gets to the point of pinging without any lost packets. I haven't checked if I was blacklisted, I havent mess or configured any of that. My internet works fine with the pineapple running and sharing my internet, it just quits working after karma is turned on. I have not checked any other device, besides my ipod, but I will try again when I get home, and see if I can even ping. I have tried both with wicd, and not with it. Doesn't seem to affect any of the results. I will try the suggested tips asap, and will update you. Thanks again.
  3. I got the Mark IV, and I am using it on Debian OS. I downloaded the wp4.sh file, and I use alfa wireless card. I finally got it to work as an AP. I've titled it "Free WiFi" and people can connect with no issue. But as soon as I turn on karma, seems like it doesnt work anymore. Not even the internet on the computer I am using. I tried forgetting the current networks around on my ipod, knowing there is others saved on there, but it won't connect unless I specifically choose a SSID. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. hey sorry I havent had time to play with it until tonight. Here is a snapshot of one idea I was trying http://uiu.me/Q1.png On the Fon, I have tried making its IP and Default Gateway .. I will finally have time to play with it this week, and see what I can come up with. I can't believe I have turned such an easy thing into such a complication.
  5. hey thanks for the reply digininja, sorry, I was gone. But that has not solved my problem yet. I have originally had it on the same subnets, and after I couldn't get it to work, I was just trying a bunch of different things. If I manually give it an IP on the same subnet, but its own, the laptop it is sharing the ethernet with cannot use the internet. nothing will load, can't ping. If you wirelessly connect to the ssid "Pineapple" you also dont have any internet access either. But I have been gone for over a week, so I will play with it some more tomorrow, and see what I can figure out.
  6. and as for the "test computer" it list my main SSID here, and Pineapple.. none of the others ive been on, so I choose Pineapple. Karma shows me logged in, but when i connect to Pineapple, there is no internet, I cant do anything on there.
  7. Hey thanks for the quick response. When I plug the fon into my Mac, it disconnects me from internet, as if it is depending on the Fon to give me my internet now, instead of the wireless. Depending on how much Ive messed with it, sometimes my skype will still be connected, but the browser and ping doesn't reach destination. Right now, when I currently ping, I get this: ING ( 56 data bytes 92 bytes from Destination Net Unreachable Vr HL TOS Len ID Flg off TTL Pro cks Src Dst 4 5 00 5400 fa7d 0 0000 40 01 ada5 Request timeout for icmp_seq 0 92 bytes from Destination Net Unreachable Vr HL TOS Len ID Flg off TTL Pro cks Src Dst 4 5 00 5400 3e64 0 0000 40 01 69bf my router's subnet is, but this moment the webif is So it looks like when my ethernet is plugged in, its working with the ethernet/fon, instead of my wireless card/router?
  8. Ok I have been browsing the forums for about three days now. My issue is, I bought the pineapple, plugged it in through ethernet, and my laptop internet didn't work anymore. I think it was looking for internet through the ethernet, even though I was still connected to my wireless. So I logged into the webif, and changed the IP and DNS information multiple times due to the different tutorials I have found. I have tried Internet Sharing, which failed, and I've tried bridging in Win7 (both with patch cable, and cross over). The Pineapple SSID is showing, but once you connect to it, you don't get any internet. The only thing I have manage to do was change the pineapple IP through Webif to something within the subnet, and make up a gateway (something like THEN from my mac, Manually set its IP to the gateway I set within the Webif. When I do that the "man in the middle" laptop can browse thru the internet even with the ethernet plugged in, but still once the "test laptop" connects to Pineapple, it gets nothing. I've turned on Karma, but its not showing any SSID's besides the ones I am around. And when the test laptop connects to anything besides Pineapple, it doesn't show up in Karma. I recently changed the IP within the Webif to, the mask to and left the gateway and DNS blanked, and have both laptops ive been plugging it into on auto IP. I apologize for being such a 'noob', I have searched through the forums and tried everything I could find in the last 3 days, but no luck. Can somebody hopefully lead me in the right direction?
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