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  1. Well I've got it partially working putting together my own since a few minutes ago lol. I know what the go.cmd is and all that, my problem was I mixing two of the payloads instead of just making one from scratch from spektormax's stuff. I still have a few things to do, and I'm sure I'll have questions. Thanks for replying.
  2. I just joined the forum, although I've been reading and following for a while. The other day I finally got a u3 flash drive, so I decided to try this out. While I could get the regular hacksaw payload to work... I couldn't compile my own from the wiki page spektormax filled with code etc. I guess right now my main question is... where can I download spektormax's payload? its not on the wiki from what i can see. And the links at the beginning of this thread are dead. If I need to I'll create a separate thread to get help with making my own. noob PS. Is this a type of programming language that is in the go.cmd? like is it considered a c++ or is it something completely different?
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