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  1. Have you tried changing the default sub-net in the registry? See this KB article for instructions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230148 I use Windows vigorously and often so I feel confident in my reply. If the question was about linux I probably wouldn't have answered.
  2. The pineapple will handle DHCP for any devices that connects to it once it's DHCP server is setup properly. The pictures below show how mine is setup. Follow at your own risk...
  3. 1) Verify that ICS is setup correctly. a) Verify the IP of the network connection. Windows 7 seems to default to i) To verify (or change) default ICS IP assignment see this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230148 I tried changing the IP to a different subnet after I enabled ICS, but was never successful. Your mileage may vary… ii) Assign the FON to an IP in this range before you enable ICS (I used The FON and your Ethernet port must be on the same subnet (192.168.137.x for example). iii) The Wi-Fi connection that you are sharing with ICS will normally be receiving an IP automatically from the wireless router you are connecting to. This will rarely be in the 192.168.137.x range but it is possible. (Think about this if you receive a IP conflict error) b) Connect the Ethernet port of the Victim to the Ethernet port of the Attacker. c) Open CLI (Start > Run > type cmd) on the Victim. d) Ping www.google.com e) traceroute www.google.com i) The first hop should be the Ethernet adapter ii) Second hop should be the router your wireless is connected to. f) Open up Internet Explorer and do some random surfing. Once you know that you can connect to the web, you can confidently eliminate ICS as a source of your errors or lack of connection to the internet. 2) Now connect the FON to the Attacker Ethernet port and verify its communication with the internet. a) SSH into FON i) Using puTTY, type in the IP address of the FON (I used ii) Login as root. iii) Password is pineapplesareyummy. b) Type Ping www.google.com (Ctrl + C to stop pinging) c) Type traceroute www.google.com i) First hop should be the Ethernet adapter on the Attacker ii) Second hop should be the router your wireless is connected to. 3) I did too many changes to my settings (without documenting them doh!) to recall what is different from the factory default, however, the screen shots below show what they are now. They are in no particular order. a) I believe the most important setting change for me was when I changed the Network > Wireless >Wireless Virtual Adapter Configuration For Wireless Card wifi0 > Network = lan. This might have been in the other tutorials, but I didn’t see it.
  4. I cannot believe this shit. Excellent video!
  5. I'm a self-centered asshole, but I have mastered the art of acting like I care about your problem. I really don't, but you will never know that by the way I treat you... I do stuff. I break stuff. I fix stuff. I make stuff happen. Most people would agree that my stuff is the stuff that other stuff wants to be. Do you want to be my stuff? You do...
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