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  1. Don't bother searching for FFDIR, that's something just in my script. What you need is to find the place that the Firefox "profile" folder is. Normally it's "$HOME/.mozilla/firefox". This is used to find the cache folder to retrieve the XML file that Pandora is currently using. Also, the PANDFOLD variable is usually set to "/tmp/plugtmp". At least on my setup, the mp3s downloaded by Pandora are saved as either /tmp/plugtmp-## or /tmp/plugtmp/##########(# = any digit).
  2. Should work. Depends on whether the home directory is a ram disk(and therefore small), or an actual mounted disk...with loads of space to fill up with mp3s. Biggest problem with that would be if the Firefox cache folder were in a different spot, and that's a simple change of the "FFDIR" variable at the top of the script.
  3. Ahh, Windows. Not my forté, really. But at least on Linux it works the way it should...I've posted a script in one of the other threads that does exactly that, fwiw.
  4. It actually is really simple in Firefox... Downloaded data, even these XML responses, isn't stored in weird containers or anything, it's just named weirdly. An easy way to get hold of the XML file is to look over the most recent(modification date) 40-or-so files, and look for the ones whose first five characters are "<?xml". That's it.
  5. Hiyas, I tried to use Pandora's Jar with Ubuntu Edgy and FF2.0 and had no success. That, however, inspired me to try to come up with my own method. I submit the bash script below in the hopes that it serves as a help to the developers of Pandora's Jar for a simpler way to time-shift songs. Modus Operandi: Anything other than Ubuntu Edgy and Firefox 2.0 is a complete unknown, so don't expect it to work. But if you have those two, keep going. First clear your cache. This step is fairly important, especially if you've been using Pandora earlier. Then in a terminal start the script with "bash ./pand_ts" It should output only the text "Making all temp directories." Next load Firefox and go to Pandora.com...let it start playing music. Then check your home dir for a new folder called "pand_ts", in it should be all the mp3s that Pandora has downloaded so far, titled properly and with good id3 tags. As an after-thought, this might work in Cygwin...no guarantee, though. Anyways, enjoy! http://rapidshare.com/files/2997184/pand_ts.html Edit: Save the file as "pand_ts.sh", or the first time it runs, it'll overwrite itself with an mp3...not very useful. Sorry. Edit 2: Not gonna work in Cygwin...just tried in windows, and the windows version of Firefox is WEIRD. I can't even figure out the cache file locations...
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