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  1. ESXi (which is the name of the Hypervisor, vSphere is the enter platform) is a good choice if your hardware is compatible. This is a big-if, as it is designed for things like Dell/IBM/HP servers rather than white boxes. Check out this site. There is also HyperV, which is the Microsoft equivalent and is pretty good, plus has the same level of hardware support as Windows 7/2008 R2, which means it will run on pretty much anything. And finally, there is Xen, but I've never used it before.
  2. What's the immigration process like from the UK?
  3. http://www.osalt.com/visio ArgoUML and Dia look like they might be worth a look, but personally the words "Visio", "cold", "dead" and "hands" come to mind.
  4. You recently asked what the Warn function was for. Congratulations, you've just found out. While constructive criticism is always welcome, flaming people over nothing is not. Drop the act and chill out, or close the browser and go do something else.
  5. Yeah, my firefox profile has been carried over from the 0.x version days...
  6. Alas no, today governments are all about COTS (commercial off the shelf): Gotta love bureaucrats :)
  7. Not really, but it turns out that USB Hacks were kinda ninja after all. All is forgiven Darren, you were indeed right.
  8. An unmanaged switch does not have a MAC address (only a MAC table), a managed switch does.
  9. Random port scan is random.
  10. If anything, Uni is a safe environment to learn not only course specific skills, but life skills in a group of people who are all in the same boat. So yeah, uni is worth it, but what you study is a small part of the worth.
  11. The switch won't count as a device unless its a fancy managed device. So your just left with your 2 desktops, the 360 and your storage unit (which will either need way more security added or to be connected via USB rather than IP). VM's can be run using a virtual NAT device rather than bridged connections, which will mitigate the need to register/un-register MAC's. Not sure how your going to manage wireless unless your halls has it, when I worked for a Uni's IT team we took rather a dim view of people running there own WAPs. So if you do run one, look for a business near your halls and set the SSID to something with the same name. As for NAT, if you register your main PC on there system, then get a router and use the same MAC for the "WAN" connection you will probably be able to get away with it. I don't know what system they will use to police this but if it looks legit, and your not doing anything dodgy (p2p, viruses, portscans etc), you will probably just be able to keep your head down.
  12. I think reddit just relies on heavy community moderation.
  13. No no no no... We're not doing phone call registration, that's insane. What next? A postal service for account activations?
  14. Ask if they allow NAT, if they do then your home free. If they don't then things will be a lot more complicated.
  15. I don't think my ISP provides email.
  16. +1 for eSATA. Some of our sales guys use eSATA SSD external drives to run VM's from as the USB ones they were issued were piss poor.
  17. Well, i think its clear what to do. From now on, gmail and googlemail email addresses will be auto-banned.
  18. Some already owened the rights to gmail in the UK, so anyone from the UK who created a GMail account after the rights holders sued google until some time this year when they settled got @googlemail.com, however the @gmail.com part worked fine.
  19. Yeah, in a marriage there might be a certain level of access to each others email accounts. However, this isn't an ethical or moral question, this is a legal question. As such, you need to consult a lawyer. If this access could alter the divorce (i.e. the wife was having an affair) then you might be able to submit it under evidence but this depends on the laws your friend is divorcing under. Also, how it was hacked will change things, if the password was guessed, or brute forced will change things. Most importantly, CONSULT A LAWYER, we're not lawyers and this is a legal question.
  20. VaKo

    Android Phone's

    I have a Nexus One, probally the best phone I've had. If you don't mind delays for updates (N1 is the google dev phone and gets updates 1st), there is the EVO 4G (on sprint), HTC Desire (on most EU networks, very much the same as the N1), HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid X and Droid 2. Motorola lock the boot loaders, so no custom roms on them, but the hardware is a little nicer than HTC. HTC is more hacker friendly.
  21. If your a skilled worker, then its not to hard. You will need to have a job to come to in the UK in order to get the visa,
  22. Ahh, the horrible North problem when it comes to IT jobs. I had that, spent 8 months looking for work back in 2007, then gave up and moved down to the South and got a job within a month of posting my CV online. For far more than I was interviewing for back in Derby (not technically the north I know). I would recommend looking at the South, around the M4/M3 area. Cheaper than central London (but still commutable) and where the bulk of the UK IT industry is located. There is also Manchester, which seems to be kinda the same but far smaller.
  23. VaKo

    Blue Hat

    Depends on patching
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