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    Windows Genuine Help!

    Here is where you fucked up. You should have asked for an escalation, to speak to a manager. Unless you push, nothing will get done. So get the fuck off of the internet, back on that phone and don't give up until your speaking to someone in charge of something more important than a desk chair.
  2. VaKo

    Vm Server

    Don't forget MS's HyperV, like ESXi it is free. It also can run as part of Server 2008/R2. I've not used it professionally, but it is certainly easier to manage than ESXi.
  3. Well lets be honest, for the average guy having an encrypted archive full of gay porn would be enough to have a plausible reason for an encrypted archive. It's plausible that you would resist handing over the password to something like that until you were being threatened with jail time. In in guy terms, its also plausible that the police would stop looking once they hit that. And thus, would probally that your archive of stolen nuclear secrets/kiddy porn would go undetected. There is no need to have a collection of scat porn on your machine, which would label you as a pervert rather than someone who is experiencing issues with there sexuality.
  4. True, the screenshot issue astounds me to this day. Android has many, many faults, but I still love my Nexus One.
  5. Desire HD > Desire Z > Desire The charm, milestone and backflip are outdated, but the Milestone 2 is worth a look. Rooting honestly doesn't give you a great deal, and custom ROM's can be hit or miss.
  6. Portable Putty, then setup a VM with ssh running on a variety of ports (an Ubuntu server VM should be fine, just edit sshd.conf with multiple ports and make sure your router is forwarding those ports to the VM) and see if you can connect or not.
  7. It's a great way of bypassing a greater charge. Multi-year sentance + sex offenders register + "special" prison or 16 weeks in with the shoplifters.
  8. I don't personally care if your ripping your school off by hacking the balance, its not my problem. All I am suggesting is that as a line of attack, it might not be the best in this case. It would be worth pursuing other avenues before being so blatant. And if you do hack the balance (which would require access to the database most likely), then I would suggest altering it by random amounts for a multitude of students so you can avoid this instantly highlighting you. Also, as someone who has a proxy server config open in the window next to this, you need to understand if they are just filtering http/https traffic or if they have a white list of ports open. For instance can you connect to a home PC via SSH, FTP, Telnet etc. If you can't, then you need to setup a http proxy on your home machine, which is accessible via the web. This will give you a page you can legitimately access through the proxy, and will allow you to display content from restricted sites via this server. However, if you are simply trying to bypass the requirement to pay for metered internet access, this won't work, because your still downloading data via your account, which is being billed back to you. So basically, you need to find a way of tunnelling through the network to the outside in a fashion that will not be billable?
  9. You will probally end up being caught if you try and hack your balance, and schools don't generally have due processes, at best you would probally be banned from the computers, at worst expelled. It depends on your school, the governors and how you go about hacking the balance. So, unless you do something like raise the balances of enough students to cover up your hack, you going to get caught. However, the best thing to do would be to work out how they are blocking traffic, and if there are any open ports you can connect to external systems via. FTP, SSH, DNS, Telnet etc. Then run a proxy of your own on a system at your house, which you can connect via. This way you can bypass the proxy. Also, the final option is to purchase a cell phone with 3G and tethering support. A cheap and nasty windows mobile handset will do this, or will be hackable enough to enable it. Since WinMob is largely obsolete to the iPhone generation, you can pick one up for dirt cheap and use it as a bluetooth 3G dongle. Add a micro BT adaptor (with blacked out LED's) and if you can install drivers your good to go.
  10. Yes... because the first place I would want to put a small nuclear reactor would be attached to someone who will get shot at or IED'd... Anyhoo, its fuel cells, everyone said they would be on the market in a year or 2, back in the 90's. We're still waiting, and that's why everyone's all singing, all dancing smartphone lasts barely a day on a battery twice the size of the ones that powered much ancient Nokia for a working week lol.
  11. VaKo

    Dual Monitors

    Some of the newer AMD chipsets will allow you to use an IGP in conjunction with an AMD card, but I've never tested it. Its usually listed as a feature though.
  12. One word: Batteries This is the current weakness in all our technology, and why our phones went from lasting days to lasting under a day on one charge. Until they can come up with a reliable way of powering these things that is grunt-proof they will have limited applications outside the wire.
  13. Vibration will kill it pretty quickly, so you need top dampen the motion and use hotglue on the parts which might fall out over time.
  14. No the windows equivalent for a linux symlink is a ntfs symlink. Nothing to do with stolen IP dipshit, its part of the POSIX standard and was being used in the 70's, well before Linux ripped off UNIX.
  15. I have an AMD 6 core 1055T, very nice little chip, fast, runs at 31C and the CPU never bottlenecks on multi-threaded apps.
  16. Try DirectQ instead of Win98+Quake. I tried Warsaw 5.0 and it runs on very basic settings, but freezes and locks when you try and move too quickly. Alien Arena killed VirtualBox when trying to drop into the 3D engine. This is on a XP VM with 1GM of RAM, 2 cores and the 3D adaptor. Host is a AMD 1055T, 8GB RAM, VM's running from an Intel x25m SSD, and a nVidia 285GT 1GB. Next step is to try Parallels Workstation 4.0 Extreme as it can virtualize the GPU, but my original assumption that anything which requires more than a budget GPU will not be playable in a VM seems to be correct.
  17. While I do agree with you, the problem is GPU virtualization, I/O and CPU are done deals, and any job that needs these can be done in a VM with no problem, I would even go as far as saying it is preferable to run these types of jobs inside VM's over a bare metal install. But for tasks which need the GPU? Both AMD and NVIDIA had demonstrated this inside ESX and your can buy Parallels Workstation 4.0 Extreme which does it. I'm actually suprised the field is as far along as it is, but it is still early days. http://www.usenix.org/event/wiov08/tech/fu...wty/dowty_html/ http://www.nvidia.com/object/sli_multi_os.html http://graphics.stanford.edu/~yoel/notes/gpu-osr.pdf However, VirtualBox, today, is not going to be any use for playing modern games which require anything more than a budget GPU.
  18. In my experience you can configure Apache to survive some types of DDOS attempt by giving it thousands of worker processes with no keep-alive. But its going swap like a bastard and barely function.
  19. You would either need to buy or create your own bot net to replicate a DDOS attack without great cost.
  20. Yes, setup a PAN with the 2 devices and you should be able to connect via IP.
  21. Gaming in VirtualBox? Not going to happen, the virtual 3D adaptor can barely run Aero let alone anything complicated like a modern 3D game. But all is not lost, you just need to look at Wine and/or Cedega, which uses a API that allows you to run Windows programs under Linux, Cedega being a commercial version of Wine geared towards gaming. Failing that, find Linux games or duel boot. Linux is a bit meh for Games tbh.
  22. In the £300-£400 range, you can get more bank for your buck with an Atom based system which will do more. However, its not going to be as small, will use more power and will take more effort to setup. The Stora looks OK for the money however.
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