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  1. That's not a bad idea. There was a translation project a while back that worked on putting subs on episodes. So the only way this is going to get done is if a community project is formed, and we get a bunch of people to work on it together.
  2. If its your own router, the default code is usally listed in the manual or paperwork, or it might be on the base of the router. If its not, see if you can access the router's admin config panel, and change it to something else. If its not your router, then accessing it is probally some sort of crime where you live, but meh. Its not like they're gonna find you unless you an idiot. You need to establish what type of encryption it's using, if its WEP then yay, if its WPA then maybe. If its WPA2, then give up.
  3. I wouldn't discount the iPhone 4, it is a truly amazing bit of kit. As for Verizon, you have a choice of the Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Incredible or the Samsung Fascinate.
  4. Hmm... looks like the forums are in need of some maintinence. Anyhoo, looking at the rather paltry offerings of AT&T, your options would seem to be iPhone 4 or the Palm/HP Pre Plus.
  5. Would one a power surge protection strips with switches on each socket not do the job? For about £/$20? And with nary a soldering iron in sight?
  6. VaKo

    Windows 8

    I'm still amazed that I am walking about with a phone that has a better spec than the desktop PC I had in '00.
  7. VaKo

    Windows 8

    No. In order to support larger partition sizes than 16TB on an NTFS volume, you need to increase the cluster size above the default of 4KB. Changing the cluster size will itself have no effect on the underlying capacity of the storage media.
  8. VaKo

    Windows 8

    Its between 256TB and 16TB, depending on cluster size (16TB @ 4K). Which is affordable using 3TB disks and something like Windows Home Server, or a cheap SAN.
  9. VaKo

    Windows 8

    128bit file system = Windows Permissions + ZFS = would be sweet. The reason its going to 128bit is not because of home users, its because of SAN's and Enterprise stuff. Also, NEVER EVER SAY "this is more than people need, why build it?". History will prove you wrong.
  10. My old Dell X300 Latitude will run Backtrack fine, even though its about 6 years old now. 2nd hand might not be a bad choice, if you can find one, a Dell D430 would be quite nice. I recommend Latitudes simply because I use them a lot, and they just work well. And if they don't, I place a 10 minute call to Dell, and they send a guy over the next day with the spare part. As for the 2100, if your going to get a netbook, that's a pricey choice. Robust yes, but you might want to look at the newer Pineview Atom netbooks or the Ion ones, which Dell don't make. To me (and this may not be the case for you) a Netbook is cheap enough not to care about anything beyond the standard 12 month ship and return warranty. As for wireless, anything it comes with will be pretty shit. Get a Alfa 500/1000watt USB device + larger antenna and velcro mount it to your laptop. Subtle? No, but its powerful, does all the natty stuff and works with linux so its all good. And Windows 7? It comes with it, but who cares? The cost to ship without it is usually a penny difference, and you could always use another coaster.
  11. If its just a machine for backtrack (which is not an OS, its an application, if you want to use it for things other than shenanigans dual boot it), then I would suggest buying a 2nd hand machine. A Dell D620 would be fine, and you can use the spare cash to buy some form of wireless NIC with all the natty functions and a semi-legal output power rating. If your looking to purchase new, my advice never changes. Get a Dell Latitude, pay for pro-support. They last for years, you can buy spare parts anywhere on the planet for years after they stop making them, you can field strip them with kitchen knife, drivers are always available, pro-support will replace pretty much any part next business day on-site and will deal with you no matter what OS you run. Plus, you can tweak the spec to match your budget. Solid bits of kit, no one else matches what Dell do (HP have similar options, but there site is a nightmare. Apple Care requires easy access to an Apple Store or you have to ship it. Acer, Toshiba, Sony etc, none of them come close). You might get something that runs faster, looks nicer, comes with a free printer etc, but IME a Dell Latitude is pretty much the AK47 of laptops. But for the love of [insert deity] do not buy from Dell Home/Consumer, they are utter cunts from start to finish.
  12. Because everything you download is filtered through Googleplex servers for advertising revenue.
  13. Personally the thought of standing in a pool of water, with water running down me, and playing with anything that involves DIY electronics and 240volts is terrifying.
  14. MS do quite a few OS projects these days. They are actually quite a cool company.
  15. Yeah, Alias is honest. We all started hacking because we wanted to fuck with computers and/or people. And most of us move on beyond this point, but school was still where the majority of us got our first exposure to multiple computers and networks.
  16. Android is a nice phone OS, as for music players DoubleTwist is kinda nice, the stock one on my Nexus One doesn't look nice but who cares when its in your pocket playing music? One thing I hate about Android is that is a mobile refuge for all the Linux kids who a: rant about how good there platform is compared to anything else, b: fail to admit any of the shortcomings of Android (I've been called an Apple shill for that claim before), c: have dragged across all there god-awful UI design skills to the platform. As for Android and Tablets, Psychosis is correct. They are currently shit, even Google is saying "we're not ready yet". Its not even Linux, its just a Linux kernel running a VM which runs your apps. If you want a linux device then your current options are basically MeeGo, which is still in Beta. But when it does hit, MeeGo+Atom will be the devices your trying to hack together now. Save your money until Q2, 2011.
  17. It's quite simple really, they are part of the EU. As EU citizens, they are able to work anywhere within the EU, which is the same thing that allows anyone in the UK to work anywhere in the EU. The only difference was when France and Germany opted for a phased integration, the UK did not, which is why we had an influx of Polish workers rather than a gradual flow as seen elsewhere. Also many of these people are returning to Poland much more well off, and as a result Poland is now doing far better economically than it once was, resulting is far less immigration to the UK. If your really wondering how they get into the UK, then your understanding of basic politics is depressing.
  18. Here is a fun one. On a keyboard, physically change the numbers to 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
  19. Give us some more details about your setup.
  20. Openfiler works with ESXi and iSCSI, not the best solution but its fine for a lab. So you just need 3 machines and a VM, so you can have 2 ESXi nodes, connected to Openfiler for iSCSI storage, and a Server 2008 VM for vSphere. This will give you a workable lab setup, and using the demo version of vSphere you can try the dynamic power/resource management and migration features out, which is what you don't get with standalone ESXi. Apart from that, if your familiar with ESXi, you should be golden. I work with a FC based cluster, so I can't help much on the iSCSI stuff (beyond enable JUMBO frames and separate traffic via a VLAN) but clustering I can help with.
  21. VaKo

    Windows Genuine Help!

    Its probably something along the lines of MS sold Acer the licences, not you. So Acer is responsible for resolving the issue, not MS.
  22. VaKo

    Windows Genuine Help!

    Shit happens, so you need to push aggressively on the issue and dictate the progress of the interaction. Acer seem to be playing ball, so go with this option for the moment. Take names, reference numbers, log call times, get escalated. But be polite, and switch tactics to match the person your dealing with. Yelling, cursing etc will get you nowhere fast (every call center worker ever has a way of fucking you over without going off script). As for license issues, your copy of Windows 7 will allow you to activate x amount of times, but that does not allow you to run x amount of copies concurrently. If you need multiple copies of Windows, buy MSDN/Technet, your not supposed to run them on production systems but honestly, unless your selling keys no one will care. Its pretty much legal piracy, MS knows this but your paying which is more than you would do if they didn't have the option.
  23. Terminal server is designed for BIG setups, not home users. Enterprise stuff, no matter who you are working with, costs a lot of money. So just use Xming.
  24. You so should have bought a N900 h3%5kr3w, it would have been the perfect device for you. Its not a linux powered VM, its an actual Linux device.
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