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  1. A lot of SME's who would have previously had SBS and a FS are moving to NAS devices and the cloud? Or would have hired a local IT shop to build them a glorified desktop and run that as a server. With these small servers that are very soon just going to be a BranchCache to the cloud, you can get away with a tiny little box that sits next to the printer, rather than a special room with a half-height rack, UPS and air-con. The MicroServer looks damn good for the price, my plan is to set one up as a home server come the new year. 4x 3TB drives, Storage Server 2008 R2 + Software RAID1, 6TB of backup/network storage.
  2. YEah, go with a NAS if they want a really cheapo setup. If you set them up something like FreeNAS and they aren't an IT expert, then the second it goes wrong your going to be on the line to fix it. Openfiler does have an SME support option for $780 a year, which is good. Basically, if the users are not IT litererate/have no on site support, then if you set this up for them you need to get a SLA signed which states what your level of responsibility is, so if you build it and it stops working, legally what is it that you have to do. If you don't, and they loose something important, then they might sue you. Also, don't piss around building your own server, go to Dell or HP and get a small, cheapish server, with a warranty. I would recommend a HP ProLiant MicroServer running SBS or Server 2008 R2, or if NIX then Openfiler+SME support. Windows is piss easy to recover data from, especially if you use software RAID1.
  3. I wouldn't even change the ISO tbh, I like to shoot at the lowest ISO I can. Just tripod and shutter speed.
  4. Laws in europe make it a lot harder to do this type of monitoring. For example x942, had you pulled that type of stunt in Europe, you would probally have been sued.
  5. VaKo

    Raid-5 Expansion

    You can only do this if the RAID controller supports this, which is why we need some info on what's being done.
  6. Don't change the F-stop, this changes the depth of field. You just need to raise and lower the shutter speed to control exposure.
  7. Its not outcasts, it's kids. And there isn't one of us here who hasn't done something stupid with computers in our youth, and if we're actually honest about this, the reason we have our geek wings now is a direct result of these actions.
  8. VaKo

    Back Track Mobile

    Don't Openmoko keep going bust?
  9. VaKo

    Raid-5 Expansion

    It is entirely dependant on the RAID controller allowing resizing or expansion of arrays. Unless this is software RAID or an expensive hardware controller, probally not. Tell us the method your using to create the array, and the hardware involved.
  10. This is nothing but hyperbole. Apple wanted to make Jailbreaking illegal under the DMCA, but the US Gov ruled against this, making it legal. No one outside of Apple thinks it should be made illegal, and most people don't care. People see hackers as a wide ranging field that includes people doing things that are slightly naughty/odd, all the way to the bad guys in Die Hard 4, but they don't hate us. They just view us as the slightly odd people who remind them of the cast of The Big Bang Theory, who might possibly get them free stuff, and who use incomprehensible technology to accomplish seemly meaningless tasks. The actions of 4Chan don't change this opinion, any more than the actions of 419ers do.
  11. I love 4chan, its the sheer bizarreness of the haphazard chaos they spread that makes them so loveable. Mate, hackers hackers have had a bad name since the 80's, all this song and dance about colored hats and crackers/hackers is being conducted in a empty stable with doors that fell off 2 decades ago.
  12. Nah, 101 people had locked their accounts, and a load of people had registered but couldn't validated. I found a bunch of emails in my spam filter about it.
  13. Dell make Poweredge C servers, like the C6100. Which is essentially 4 servers in a 2U case. So for every C410x, you would need a C6100. But still, these things do demonstrate that what was once the realm of governments and university's can now be achieved with a relatively modest investment in off the self hardware.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuCDPW68nYc Dell make a rack mountable 16x GPGPU box, no need for a custom build. You can just fill a DC with these things.
  15. Nah, use multiple RAW's. Single RAW only works for scenes with things that move in it.
  16. 75 unvaliidated accounts, 101 locked accounts... all sorted out.
  17. Tripod + exposure bracketing using shutter speed. Take photos at -4 stops, -2 stops, 0 stops, +2 stops and +4 stops (don't change the aperture). Then tone map.
  18. Who the hell installs a *nix server without webmin?
  19. For servers? Virtualize. For the cost of a laptop or 2, you could build a small server that runs ESXi and cut down the amount of kit you need. Dell Optiplex desktops run ESXi fine.
  20. As for working, get a part time IT job sooner rather than later if you can fit it in along side your studies. The biggest issue graduates face is they have plenty of knowledge on the subject, but no experience. So they have no way of applying what they learnt to a job. As for life, don't plan it out to far in advance, take each block one at a time, review your progress and consider your options as you go along. IT moves way to fast to make long term plans, so you need to work on being in the right place at the right time.
  21. You can get away with doing something like this by not being blatant and not being stupid, but it still is illegal.
  22. LOL, when I worked for a university, one of my jobs was hunting for people who'd setup wireless AP's. When I found one, because I wasn't allowed to enter the flat without being invited, we used to unplug the entire flat from the switch. Just an FYI, hide the SSID at least, or name it after any nearby businesses.
  23. VaKo

    Acer Atom ?

    MDT2010, you can make USB/CD/Network installable versions of XP/2003/Vista/2008/W7/2008 R2 plus pre-load drivers, applications etc. It's what we use for creating images where I work. We deploy via WDS, but you can just deploy by USB using the same method as the win7 USB tutorial.
  24. Okiwan, chill out mate. Its $1, not a huge amount. I spend 10x that on coffee on a daily basis. Anyhoo, welcome to the forums yoyoniso, and thanks for the ADW theme. I'm a launcher pro man myself, but its always nice to see people being creative.
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