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  1. I cleared the Flushed the Dns , yest just after posting this messsage and it started working , perfectly ( tho m runnig under few more problems but will be fixed pretty soon) Thnks neways
  2. Everything was working fine. We bought new print servers and migrated from old dell to new poweredge 860 servers. Everything worked perfectly. few days later we tried connecting the old server , and all the printers got mapped to the old server.... Before migrating , we tested the new servers and they were named as print-svra , print svr1a and so on . After migrating (we changed the name and everything) now i try to ping with the new name(the original name of print server) it shows request timed out, but when i ping with name assigned during testing dem then it works. They are working alright now widout problem... but i have to use original name (print-svra instead of print-svr) We created a new user in AD, and it is working but when I tried setting an email account, it shows me the infomation correctly but cannot use, error : name could not be resolved. The network is acting weirdly ever since we moved to new servers and racks..... I tried dcdiag and other test on domain to chk for replication problems but it returned no errors.
  3. The thing is not just abt printers and outlook , its abt any application . CAn we control appls on ws by the server , i do have a domain , and GP just brings limitations , i m talking abt working on appls. EG: I was moving my print server, so i had to go to every machine and had to map it on every ws....... Tht was AwFUl.
  4. I have a win 2003 server and around 63 ws under me , everytime ,consider an exchange server prob( exceeded the limit of 16 gig db), i had to go to every compt to change the archive folder and had to tell them del unused things , it was really pain in my ass to explain everythign 2 ever1 ...... Is there anythign i can use , tht i can directly do it frm server. Last night i was moving the print server and again i went to all the machines and added the printer it took my freaking whole day to do it ........ HELP! Suggest me any good network admin forums if u are aware of any ..... Thnks
  5. Noob

    SAM Problem

    I am not asking u for help to crack my schools network, just to get some knowledge are the psswrds stored somewhere else rather than SAM << 1 question but not a single perfect answer..........
  6. Noob

    SAM Problem

    @moonlit Wht does that mean??????
  7. Noob

    SAM Problem

    Neways NM; Just a thing : are passwrds stored in ADS other than SAM ?
  8. Noob

    SAM Problem

    Some 1 save me from making this a sticky spam POST Pls reply to the topic pros.......... :(
  9. Noob

    SAM Problem

    Dont Pass still rely on SAM ??? atleast the admin. Wht else can i try; Can I mess with ADS and get some admin rights or acc pass somethng like tht @moonlet It wont harm me, atleast I m not that noob.
  10. Noob

    SAM Problem

    School Computers use Altiris Bootworks (or Altiris Deployment System) to connect to the server , runnign Win 2000 Professional, I tried dumping SAM file but waste of time , obviously due to lack of admin priveleges.......... Acc to me >> no use in booting with a floppy and doing all those previously done stuff , as the real SAM file is in the main server , which we connect using Bootworks..... Is there any way to dump SAM files bypassing the priveleges,
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